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Last Chance!!!

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Last Chance!!!

Bruab, Pwee, and Scout
Whyville Whyologists

The Whyology center has been running our survey of Whyvillians for almost 3 months now. Hundreds of people have signed on and filled out the survey (and gotten 300 clams for their trouble!). The survey will reveal what Whyville users are really like, what they do when they are not on Whyville and what are the things that bug them most.

Of course we are anxious to tally up the results and let everyone know what we found out, but we figured that there are a few more people who want to do the survey but haven??t gotten around to it yet. So, for those people, we are saying THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE! The last time to fill out the survey will be Sunday, December 16th at midnight. After that we will close the Whyology center for a while so we can figure out the results.

Part of the survey is the suggestions that people have for improving Whyville. We have already learned a lot about what Whyvillians like to do on Whyville, what they think is great about the site, as well as suggestions on improving the Whyville community. Once we have the results, we can tell City Hall what changes people are interested in.

Of course the survey is only the beginning of the Whyology Center. In the next few months we are going to be doing different kinds of studies to learn more about the world of Whyville. We will be talking to Whyvillians individually and in groups to get more ideas for how to study the site. If you completed the survey you will also have the opportunity to be part of the next phase of our project. So don??t miss out on all the action -- make sure you do the survey before the deadline.

So please, if we have not received a permission form from you, have your parent or guardian sign it NOW. If you already have permission, finish it up before Sunday, December 16th and receive your final bonus. Remember you can send in permissions by fax, mail or email -- just make sure you include your full phone number for verification.

To learn more about the Whyology Survey, check out our articles, Clam for Your Thoughts and Quick Cash.



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