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Continental Curiosity: Australia

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Author's Note: I will now continue my series, "Continental Curiosity". This week is all about Australia! There was a new edition to the series and we will now have interviews after every segment of the article! Both of the people being interviewed live in Australia. Hope you enjoy!

Interesting Fact:
Did you know?

The population of Australia is over 21 million! That's a lot of people! The capital of Australia is Canberra!

Geographical Features:
Did you know?

Australia is the smallest continent in the world, but the sixth LARGEST country in the world. Australia is 2,967,909 square miles! Compared to the U.S, Australia makes up almost 48 states, it was just slightly off. The highest point of Australia is Mount Kosciusko, running up at about 2,228 miles high (7,301 feet high). Wow! The lowest point of Australia would be its longest lake, Lake Eyre, which is 15 miles downward. Imagine that? The longest river is, Darling River, and off the eastern coast of Australia is the world's largest reef, the Great Barrier Reef. Sydney, which is very popular, happens to be the largest city. Lastly, the region of Australia is Oceania.

Interview Time!

iamtodd: What attracts you in Australia? What could possible attracts others to come?

Jank03: People are drawn here by the large baron land, crystal blue ocean and the most important, free will. Australia is best known for the rights which citizens posses. We are a free country and we have a right to protest, right to free speech and a right to safety. Something that could attract others would be more Global Events . . .

Travin101: Ooh. That's hard. I'd say what attracts me the most is the beautiful scenery. it's the most wonderful thing you could ever see. And for others, I'd say that they'd probably go more for the animals, even though I rarely see a kangaroo. :)

Did you know?

Even with the climate of Australia being semi-arid, there are many habitats for animals to survive. They range from alpine heaths to tropical rainforests! The reason Australians' animals are so unique is because of its age and its changeable weather patterns. 85% of them are flowering plants, 84% of them are mammals, and more than 45% of them are birds, while 89% are in-shore animals. Those are some big amounts! Some of the animals include the koala, platypus, kangaroo, birds such as the emu, and kookaburra! Australia was ranked 13th of the world on the 2005 Environmental Sustainability Index (ESI)!

Interview Time!

iamtodd: What is your favorite animal?

Jank03: No doubt it would have to be the Kangaroo.

Travin101: Fairy Penguin

Did you know?

Australian sports play a HUGE part in their culture. As a percentile, 23.5% of Australians over the age of 15 normally play sport activities. They have good teams in, cricket, soccer, hockey, and rugby! There are lots of sports there! They hosted the 1956 Summer Olympics and the 2000 Summer Olympics. Australia has ranked among the top five medalists since the year 2000! That is quite an accomplishment!

Interview Time!

iamtodd: What is your favorite sport?

Jank03: That would clearly be NRL, National Football League.

Travin101: FOOTBALL!

Did you know?

In Australia there is no "state religion." It was prohibited by the Australian Constitution. As a percentile, 64% of all Australians are of Christian-based religions, and 23% do not have any religion. Interesting, more people of Australia believe in something than not believing! The rest of the population is diverse with different religions. To name a few, there are, Islamic, Buddhist, Hinduism, Judaism, Christian and no religion at all! People can always use prayer. Also, in a 2001 census, over 70,000 people declared themselves to be a part of the "Jedi order" (Yes, by "Jedi" , I do mean "Jedi knights" which originated in Star Wars Universe.)

Interview Time!

iamtodd: What are you religiously?

Jank03: I am a Catholic, growing older I am starting to lean towards Scientology.

Travin101: Christian

This is now where I will ask a free-style question to each of our interviewers!

iamtodd: What part of Australia do you live in? Do you like where you live?

Jank03: I live on the wonderful Gold Coast! love it because everyone is a part of the community and you become friends with everyone in your suburb.

Travin101: Born and raised in Sydney. It's awesome :)

Author's Note: I would like to thank everyone for reading this article. I would also like to thank the TE, and also thank my lovely interviewers! Next week is Europe, if you have ever been to Europe or live in any part of it, feel free to post in the BBS, or y-mail me! Thanks!


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