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What Are You Watching?

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Author's Note: This article makes brief sexual and drug references. If you are under 13, please talk to your parents about this article. However, because it is unlikely you will do that, read with discretion.

I've came to a realization about television today. It is not adequately censored. Shows now-a-days can get away with a lot of immorality that never would have been allowed twenty years ago. Unfortunately, we have little control over this. We can try to limit what is shown on TV, but ultimately, we have to decide what we expose ourselves to.

When you turn on the TV, you have a variety of choices of programs to watch. You could watch the news, or a reality show, or primetime shows. However, almost whatever you watch will contain something offensive. No matter how innocent it sounds, you are being exposed to topics that are often inappropriate.

You may not see how the news could be inappropriate. It's just a boring show telling you what happened in the world today, right? Well, yes. That is the goal of a news show. However, with all the terrible things happening in the world today, even the news can expose you to some awful stories. There are often reports of murders, rapes, and drug deals on the news. Is this what you want to be listening to every night?

Reality shows . . . innocent and nice, right? Wrong. Many reality TV shows have turned sour. What started out as a fun and family friendly genre has become very inappropriate. For example: "Dancing with the Stars"; I was surprised to hear the sexual jokes being made by the host on such an innocent show. Also, shows such as "America's Next Top Model" feature explicit nudity. Is this what you want to watch when you turn on the TV?

Finally, those super popular primetime shows. More than 65% of rated shows aired between 8:00pm and 11:00pm are considered unsuitable for children. This is either because of ?gratuitous sex, explicit dialogue, violent content or obscene language.? Unfortunately, primetime is the time of day kids watch the most TV. Check out www.parentstv.org to see how many of these shows you watch. Are these the images and words you want entering your mind?

Clearly, something must be done. Children and teenagers should not be exposed to such inappropriate subjects. And the worst part is that parents have little control over what their children watch. Even though TV shows are rated, they are still available to anyone who turns on their television. Maybe you don't think that this is a problem concerning yourself, but think about if your little brother or sister turned on the TV. What would they see?

Hopefully, you'll start thinking more carefully about what you choose to watch on television. No one else is going to limit what you can view. It's your decision what you expose yourself to. Do you want to watch shows that will corrupt your mind? Media has a stronger influence on us than you might think. Control what you watch and what you expose yourself and others to. Think before you point your remote.


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