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She's creative, funny, and a great person. Who is this person I speak of? Well . . . this week's WITS must go to . . . LH1995XD!!

Lh1995XD is a very well-known Whyvillian and has made several friends throughout her 241 day(s) of why-life. I guess I should tell you LH1995XD'S real name, huh? Okay, okay keep your pants on LH1995XD'S real name is Lauren.

Lauren is 12-13 years old, and she loves music. In her spare time, she makes Whyville Youtube videos, chats with real life and online friends, listens to her "sacred" music, and enjoys creating original Whyville looks. Speaking of her original looks, in Holiday50's "Original Looks" article, Lauren was a select Whyvillian from Holiday's choice. (You should check it out, it's really interesting.)

Lauren has tried many times to get an article into the Whyville Times, but sadly she has not succeeded. I'm positive, however she'll be writing and succeeding soon! Also instead of writing for our newspaper, Lauren will express her feelings in her own home. She's told me a few times she'll just pick up a paper and write, write, write. I've heard some of her writing too, and it's just grand, just grand.

An addition to this WITS, I would like to share some general thoughts at this moment. First off, Lauren makes a whopping amount of 121 clams a day, and she hopes to become a Y-mail Helper soon. She is a bronze street team member, has participated in Greek Theater events, and enjoys playing Kalah with friends.

Lauren has always been nice to me, and I hope she'll always be. We first met a few months ago by both of us noticing we had identical looks. And as soon as I told her my name, she was even more surprised because her cousin's name was Rachael and spelled the same way. As I continued to become closer to Lauren, I became friends with more and more people. She has taught me to be wacky, imaginative, not be afraid to tell anyone who I AM, and she has told me to get "down and dirty" to explore. (No, no not hacking, scamming, etc.)

Lauren has also taught me to set a goal and achieve that goal, how to have fame and fortune without hacking other Whyvillians, and she always can cheer me up, whether I'm mad or sad she's always there. And I don't know how to thank Lauren any other way, and if this article doesn't get accepted, I don't care. I'll just share it still with her because out of all the things she has taught me, the greatest one was to share and take pride in my work. And that's exactly what I'm doing. Congratulations Lauren and I hope this is a big enough thank-you for you!

Thanks, Cohenlm.


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