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Astro-Samurai Holiday Fundraiser

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Astro-Samurai Holiday Fundraiser

Astro25 and Samurai25
Times Writer & Guest Writer

Hey, this is Astro and Samurai25. We've been working on this article for a few days now, sending it back and forth and such. Anyways, in about a month or so, it's almost Christmas, and some of us won't be so fortunate. So we've started the "Astro Samurai Fundraiser."

Actually, we're doing nothing but send items to Grandma. All we need is for you to do the same. If you would like to send clams to the needy, do it yourself or send it to Samurai25 and he'll send it to others.

Basically, for the past few months, none of us really did donate anything to Grandma, but Astro and I have pushed that. We've been mailing our friends to go donate to Grandma and send blocks and furniture as well.

You may not know it, but new newbies pack up each day by the tens. It's basically outrageous that nobody is donating anything for the needy. Astro25 and I have been mailing people and asking them to join this fundraiser to help the needy.

Remember a while back when I, Astro, wrote that article about those needy people in China and Mexico? Well, this is my share to Whyville's needy. Remember, we've got homeless people too.

And remember that they'll help you too if you help them.

So, this is again Astro25 ready to throw my cat out the window,
And Samurai25 to help gum my grandma's food.

Astro: Didn't I use that in one of my articles?
Samurai25: No...???



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