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Above the Influence

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Author's Note: Some of the content in this article is not suitable for some children; please have a guardian look over it before you read. Thanks! This also relates to my former poem of last week, if you read it, thanks as well!

We have all heard about being above the influence, one way or another. Whether it is, in school, or by our loving parents. There are many aspects to be "above the influence." Modern day now, computers have really taken over our society and trashed a lot of our young kids minds into thinking these things are right. Let's take a look at some of these aspects.

What influences YOU?

Pressure . . . peer pressure. We've mostly all heard about it. Have you tried something to fit in? How did that work out? Most likely, it didn't work out so well. If you are a teenager, you are actually exposed to a lot of things, and many pressures. There are pressures to use drugs, to date (hook-up), to drink alcohol. Those are the 3 main problems with peer pressure today.

Do YOU feel the pressure?

To fit in? Along the lines in school or at home, you hear someone tell you to "be your own person." What does that really mean? It means to know who YOU truly are, and to believe in what you want to believe in, and also to recognize the influences in your own life.

To look good? Nobody in this world (except Jesus) is a perfect person, nor shall anyone ever be. For girls, it's all about looking pretty and skinny for the guys. For guys, it's all about being muscular and handsome for the girls. These things can lead to many problems down the lines, including eating disorders. Don't change your body, God made you just the way he wanted you to, so you need to love what you have.

To "Hook-up?" Teens are pressured to date someone just because it's cool to them or their friends have a boyfriend/girlfriend. A problem with this is that it leads to other problems, like teen marriage or teen sex. The intensity of this "pressure" makes kids do stupid things. Take this in mind, not every kid is having sex, so you don't have to.

To use drugs? The websites around the world are encouraging kids in different ways to go and use drugs, "it's ok, you won't get addicted" Movies, media, friends also pressure us in a way to go and use drugs. Take this in mind as well, not every kid is doing drugs, so you don't have to either.

Why bully?

Bullies can get to you use many ways, without you even realizing they are getting to you. Some of your friends may pressure you to bully on someone else, even when you know in your mind and heart that it's wrong, but you just think "well they are my friends!" Truly, if they were your friends they wouldn't ask you to go and bully someone else, true friends always stick by your side.

To Conclude!

There are so many drugs out there, that I couldn't name them all and put them on this article with their risks. You personally, need to find your way in life/society, you don't need to be like the crowd, or fit in when you know this "fitting in" is going to cause you some major damage. True friends will always stick by your side, if they are pressuring you to go and use drugs; they really aren't good friends at all. True friends would be right next to you saying "no" to the person asking if they want drugs. True friends don't bully other people, and then ask for you to come along and help. Be your own person; don't be sucked in by society or movies, or even the internet. God made you just the way he wants you to be.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. ?Psalm 139:14

Author's Note: I hope that you will stay above the influence, and that you enjoyed this article! Keep on being who YOU really are! Thanks!


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