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Continental Curiosity: Europe

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Author's Note: Hey! Welcome back to "Continental Curiosity"! This week we will learn about Europe and its features. This week is all about geography, wildlife, sports, languages, and religion. Once again, there will be one interview after each segment. There is a new addition to our series and that is . . . slurpee15! She will help me gather the information for the article. Please do give her credit!

Interesting fact:
Did you know?

Europe has a 94% literacy rate! Many people here can read.

Geographical features:
Did you know?

In Europe, the largest country would have to be . . . Russia! Russia is a large city, which holds a population of about, 147,231,000 residents. WOW! Also in Europe, the smallest country would have to be . . . Vatican State! Vatican State is the smallest country and holds about 1,000 people. How small! The largest city would have to be . . . Paris. The average population is pretty average, at about 9,300,000 people. Europe produces just about 18.7% of the world's overall oil. In Europe they have a large mountain located in Russia called, Mount Elbrus. The average height of Mount Elbrus is about, 18,000 ft (5,600 meters).

Interview Time

Iamtodd: What is your favorite part of Europe?
Baxierox: My favorite part would have to be the delicious food or history you can learn about.

Did you know?

If you take a trip to Europe, you'd see some pretty odd animals. To us at least, but to the Europeans, they see these animals roam around everywhere, from zoos, aquariums, and even their own backyard! Some of these animals are the prevost squirrel, and the snow leopard. The provost squirrel is brown black and grey mixed together. Amazing! They like to hide out in lowland forests and cultivated areas. As for the snow leopard, the head is smaller than actual leopards, and they can have 2 to 4 cubs in one litter. Awe! The snow leopard lives on mountain slopes, open country sometimes, and forests.

Interview Time

Iamtodd: What in your opinion is your favorite animal?
Baxierox: My favorite animal is a kangaroo.

Religions and Languages
Did you know?

The majority of Europe is Christian, which can be brought drown to many other religions. Some examples of them would be Judaism, Islam, or no religion at all. Sadly, Europe is growing rapidly in people having no religion at all, being atheist. Some other small minorities of religions would be Buddhists, Hinduism, and new religious moments. Some languages of Europe include about three major families. The languages include the Indo-Europeans, the Finno-Ugrians, and the Basques. Estimated, 700 million people speak Indo-Europeans, 22 million Finno-Ugrians, and 1.7 million speak Basques.

Interview Time

Iamtodd: What languages can you speak, and what are you religiously?
Baxierox: I speak fluent English, French, Dutch and some German. I am catholic, as well.

Famous Sports
Did you know?

The influence of sports in Europe is massive. If you think of a modern sport, (basketball, etc.) it most likely has originated from Europe. Some of the sports include, field hockey, rugby, golf, tennis, association football (soccer to U.S), and many others. Association football is the most popular sport played world-wide, and tennis is also popular around the world. Wow! Field hockey is a sport that involves hockey on a field! (Duh?) Golf is also one of the most famous sports in Europe. They are big on sports here!

Interview Time

Iamtodd: In Europe, what sports to you like to play, or wish you could play?
Baxierox: I enjoy football (soccer) and hockey. Biking is also enjoyable.

Author's Note: Well, I hope you enjoyed another segment of Continental Curiosity! Please do come and see next week as we see how Asia lives! Thanks for reading!

Sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Culture_of_Europe#Sport


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