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Hi Whyville, this is Morgan612. This is the beginning of a new column, called "Seriously Funny Investigations". This is where I look at things you probably would never even think about, and investigate them. This is meant to take dumb funny things and write serious articles about them.

I would just like to question, Whyville, what is the difference between a purse and a tote? I have recently come across the relization that the thing I have been carrying my things in, and calling a purse, is not at all a purse, but indeed a tote. I have began to ponder, my friends, about what makes my tote a tote, and what makes your purse a purse.

Let us turn to the dictionary of Websters for guidance. Websters defines tote bag as "a large 2-handled open-topped bag (as of canvas). They define purse as "a small bag for money". Techically, a tote is a purse. But a purse is not a tote. I carry money in my tote bag, so let me say that it is by definition, a purse. But it is open-topped and 2-handled, so you could also define it as a tote. If your bag has a zipper or button, you are carrying a purse and not a tote.

I know what you're thinking. Who knew there was so much information just on this one small subject? Well my fellow Whyvillians, this is a question that has secretly knocked on the doors of the minds of several people. Many people have searched far and wide trying to find the true idenity of what seperates a purse from a tote. This can not be decided by only one source of information. I needed to go deeper. The difference between a purse and tote seems to be more of an opinion than a fact. It was time for interviews.

Morgan612: What, may I ask, do you consider a purse, and what do you consider a tote? Do you even think there is a differnce?

Eden: A tote goes around your shoulder and a purse you carry in your hand.
Anyonka: If it holds stuff and I carry it around its a purse. Tote is just some fashion name to make it sound more classy.
Black1990: I don't think there's any difference.
hopyracer: I think a purse is something that you carry around to shove everything in like money and make-up and crap like that, and I think a tote is something you can carry your dog in or like a spare of clothes or something along those lines. Yes, I do think there is a difference, a purse can be smaller then a tote.
Theirs: A purse is made of leather, is small, and has a bunch of girly buckles on it, but a tote is often cloth and is HARDCOREZ.
Play2live: I think a tote is a bigger bag? I guess more room for unneeded junk. I guess a purse is just a small little bag. I guess the difference is how much junk it can hold.

So, as you can see, there may not be one clear difference between a purse or a tote. What one may call a purse, another may call a tote, and vise versa. Eden's defination of a tote would be a purse to Anyonka, and some people just believe they are the same thing. Others may agree that if you carry your dog in it, it is a tote. Some people think the size or what it's made of defines whether it is a tote or a purse. The true defination? The world may never know.

I believe it is safe to conclude, that there is no true answer to my simple question. Not everyone can agree on this topic. Even the source that we know and love, Websters Dictionary, does not have a clear answer for us to decipher. According to some, my purse may be a tote, but it could also be a purse according to other sources. So, I grant you permission to call your purse, tote, or whatever you carry things in, whatever you would like. Thanks for reading, this has been . . . HEY! WHO STOLE MY FLAMINGO SHORTS?


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