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New Year's Masquerade Ball

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New Year's Masquerade Ball

Bigfoot Bill
Times Writer

Hey, hey, Whyville! Bigfoot Bill here, writing to you on the first night of Hannukah (December 9th), so Happy Hannukah! My friends didn't have a yarmulke (YAH-muh-kuh) that fit me, but that's okay. They served up some delicious latkes (potato and onion pancakes!) with applesauce, donuts, and dark chocolate coins, which made up for the lack of specialized headgear.

But I'm not here to talk about holidays gone past or ongoing -- I'm here to announce the New Year's Masquerade Ball!

Okay, okay, so the Editor beat me to the announcing part last week. But at least I get to tell you the details! I love details!

Here's the scoop: City Hall suddenly realized that they didn't have time to set up the Solstice Soiree that the Editor sort-of prematurely announced two weeks ago, so she decided that, instead of canceling it altogether, they'd make it even bigger, better, and just a few weeks later. Thus, the Masquerade Ball was born.

The party will start in the morning of New Year's Eve and go through New Year's Day. It's going to be held at the Sportzplatz and the brand new Skating Rink -- I suggest everybody go check out the WASA Anti-Gravity Chamber, because I understand it's good training for ice skating... although nobody will tell me why....

You can also expect to see snow flurries (Real weather in Whyville! It's about time!), hear new music (hopefully some stuff written in at least the 20th Century, if not the 21st), and, of course, vote on the best masquerading costume. There might be other surprises, so show up and keep your eyes peeled!

Well, I hate to write and run like this, folks, but I've got to get moving -- got some Christmas shopping to do! But before I go, let me wish you all a happy holiday season... Hannukah started on Sunday, Christmas comes in two weeks, and Kwanzaa starts up right after that. There's also Yule, the solstice itself, the opening of the Lord of the Rings (lol! I can't wait!), and, of course, New Year's. Feel free to let me know about any holidays I missed, and in the meantime, enjoy them all!!

From this mensch's computer to yours,

Bigfoot Bill



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