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Whyvillians Speak Out

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Whyvillians Speak Out

by Friggit
Guest Columnist

Neighborly Neighbors

I think everyone in Whyville needs to take a break and take the time to talk to a new person. Just pick out someone and tell them they have a nice face or Y-mail a neighbor saying hello.

It seems that lately people aren't being as open to the new, quiet people. Just make somebody's day and complement them on their house or room. It really makes you feel good. If the person you try to make friends with doesn't want to be your friend fine, they don't have to Y-mail you back.

Maybe people like Flower and those people finding it fun to warn people just need someone as a friend and since they don't have anyone to talk to they end up disliking everyone instead.

I would like to end by saying hello to everyone in Whyville and have a great day.

by Lydia S.
Guest Columnist


Concerning the X

Whyville citizens, this is a concerned citizen. If somebody is using bad language, you know to X them. But I have had complaints that people have been X-ing people for fun. If this happens, tell City Hall. This X buisness isn't for fun.

Thank You.


by Psycho
Guest Columnist

Amusement Park

I read an article a while back about a Whyville Amusement Park. I think the original author was Faye.

Anyway, I think it would be a great idea. If City Hall approves it, this is how it'll work:

If each person donated 5 bricks to the construction, we might be able to get a start. For example, if there are 600 citizens of Whyville, 600 x 5 = 3,000 bricks.

So, we'd have 3,000 bricks, enough to at least build a roller coaster. If anyone agrees with me in this, please Y-mail me, Psycho, at Fontana and Descartes.


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