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A Veteran's Mind

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I've been looking through petitions lately, and I totally disagree with a majority of them!!! Sorry to say, guys. I know you've read millions of articles about Why-Passes, and how 'unfair' they seem to you, but please look at it from my angle... just for a second! Promise to listen? Well... even if you don't, here goes!

Ok, for a second, imagine this: you are the owner of, let's say, an amusement park. Everyone loves it, and it's completely low-maintenance because not too many people go there. Just for fun, right? Well, after awhile, the word is passed along, that's how it always goes, and more people start coming. Then, you have to hire more people to take care of everything, and eventually the place is so bustling, you start losing money just to keep it all going.

Basically, that's what City Hall is going through. She started Whyville as a cool place to learn on the web. Soon, more and more people started coming. Well, over time the server got WAY overloaded, and it had to be renovated. City Hall's a person too, ya know? She works hard, and deserves a break. Anyway, parts of the site were updated, and new things kept being added. Right now is yet another example of renovations -- and it costs money!!

She's tried so many ways to get people to donate, and sponsor Whyville, but nobody really responded to this. So, this is a way to get your attention. If you guys missed it, I'll decode it for you: "HEY GUYS!!! A LITTLE HELP? WHYVILLE COSTS MONEY, SO IN ORDER FOR YOU TO ENJOY IT, YOU NEED TO DONATE!" Help a brother (or sister) out!! (haha) But seriously, lots of issues have been brought up because of this.

One thing people have been saying is, "My parents won't let me buy anything online". I can completely understand that. Have you actually talked to them about it, though? Have you explained what Whyville is, or showed them the online "About Whyville" pamphlet underneath your bus menu? It's worth a try; I talked with my parents about it, and they decided to let me join Club Why, back when it cost real dollars, not clams. Others have been saying things like: "Me? Pay real money for a WEBSITE?" If you really don't like Whyville that much, then don't worry about it, I guess; no offense though, I love you guys!

There are some good views though; there are some real good sports out there!! Some of you have come up with an idea for a waiting room where we can hang out and chat -- great idea!! I thought about it for a while though, and I realized something: a waiting room like that is basically just another Whyville Square. It takes part of the server, and that's what we are raising money for in the first place! Maybe a good old-fashioned chat would work though -- no faces, just like on Instant Messenger, a big pure text chat room! Also, people have been saying that Why-Passes are a good idea! Power to you guys for speaking your mind!

This is my section of "mean stuff", hehe. Ok, I personally think that a few of you are being selfish -- again, I love you guys... ya just gotta realize what's going on, that's all! You guys remember when City Hall said that she couldn't pay her employees for 7 months?! SEVEN MONTHS!! That's a longgg time!!

Obviously, we're kinda reaching the bottom of the barrel in the money department. Another issue is that everyone thinks the Why-Passes are just for making the site look good. That's true, but it's much more than that. Whyville doesn't just automatically get a place on the web. It costs money to be on there, it costs money to have people work for it, and it costs money to keep it going!! I think it's really unfair that you guys have been complaining and getting mad at City Hall!! (No, I'm NOT trying to earn brownie points there... but then again... hmm...just kidding.) I applaud you, City Workers, for all you do!! Come on guys, don't hate!! Show some love for Whyville!! (lol)

See? You guys can hang your heads in shame now.... And just try to be understanding next time ok? Haha, you are forgiven! Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know what I thought about this whole situation. Feel free to Y-mail me if you have any comments.

-spazchick, aka your online "mom", hehe



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