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The 'Good Old Days' Are Today!

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The "Good Old Days" Are Today!

Guest Writer

Hey, Whyvillians, it's GREAT to be back! Most of you may have known me as Vixen or Trick in the old days. I'm sorry to say, but I got hacked and this is my new account. Things are looking great, though!

It was over a year ago that I joined with the screenname Baby2000, and I cannot believe the changes I have seen. When I joined, there were about 5,000 people, and the population grew so slowly. I remember it was several months after I joined that we reached the 10,000 (that's right, only 10,000!) mark. That was a huge deal, too!

I remember when all the old parts came out, like glossy lips by Madeleine. Haha, I remember looking at them and saying "Hmm, should I buy these? Nah.." and passing them up! What I wouldn't give to have them now, let me tell you.

I've seen designers come and go, popularity come and go, and I remember when hacking was at its highest! Even when the hacking was bad, I still logged on Whyville, trying to be grateful that it hadn't happened to me and trying to be thankful that I could still get on.

I miss a lot of my old friends, but I'm making new ones every day. Some of the "oldies" (that cracks me up) you will hear say, "I miss the good old days." I completely disagree. Of course, many of the older Whyvillians miss our old friends and the days where there were only 10 people at the Pool, and everyone hung out in the Square; but this is no reason to be sad. There are tons of new and friendly people on here I know I can't wait to meet. Whyville is constantly evolving! Change is for the better, and this is hard for many of the "oldies" to accept.

As the New Year approaches, I'd like to hand out a little advice to those who may need it. A few ideas/rules to follow:

1. Don't beg for clams. I know that it is difficult when you consider yourself unattractive, but you will really reap the benefits if you work for your money. It will give you a great feeling.

2. If you want to strike it rich, DESIGN! The Face Factory is one of the most exciting tools on Whyville for me. And at first, you may not be so great (I know I wasn't at first... eeew!), but (forgive me for the cliche) practice makes perfect!

3. Don't follow everyone's lead. Don't be afraid to wear something crazy, you know you would never wear in real life. That is what Whyville is all about! EXPERIMENT! Several months ago, I remember putting on those blonde flips with the dark BGCO lips before anyone else. Now I come, and I see it everywhere! You can be a trendsetter, so don't be afraid!

4. You don't "need" a girlfriend or boyfriend. Sometimes I will see girls or guys being sad because they are single, but embrace it! I understand you might feel lonely, but don't be so down on yourself if you don't have a partner. Currently, I'm living the single life and loving it! I've only dated 2 guys on here in a year!

5. DON'T GIVE OUT YOUR EMAIL TO ANYONE. This is just a terrible, TERRIBLE idea. I had to learn this the hard way, and I lost my AIM screenname, my Whyville screennames, and my email. It's not worth it. Instead, why not just Y-mail through Whyville? It's also a bit risky sending emails, because many use your entire name when received.

6. Your idea counts! If you have a fabulous idea, tell people about it. Get it known. Make a petition. Then work for it! Back at the peak of the Whyville worries (you might remember this... "It's shutting down! Whyville is closing on this date!"), Googles and I made a letter to all Whyvillians about Operation Oprah, a collaboration of several ideas for saving this website. It didn't work out, but we made our best effort, and I'm very proud of this work, and City Hall is too.

I've watched the types of people come in from all over the world. This website is incredible, and I have learned so much from it. I hope every one of you is grateful for Whyville, because it is not only a remarkable feat of technology, bringing people from all over the world together with a common interest, but it is educational and fun (but you all knew that, right?).

Be safe, and have a great holiday. I love you guys!




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