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I apologize, Whyvillians, for Why-Vogue not being in the Times for three weeks. During this period of time, I was making renovations (and will continue to). I've got to say that I've changed a lot of sections, and for a very good purpose. The sections will be changing, just like seasons. The sections are currently made for summer (even though the official day of summer is June twentieth.) Therefore, Why-Vogue is going to be focusing only on summery outfits, makeup, and more! Just like in the fall we will have fall outfits, makeup, and more! So, Why-Vogue sections are now going to be revolving, from season to season.

What's In Outside?
*This new section will be taking place of 'That's So Posh!'. This is the name of a small, beachy store. And it's located in my small Floridian town. Although they talk about beachy furnishings when saying 'What's In Outside', I will be talking about beachy makeup. So, let me direct you through this section, before we get to the next one.

Although sunkissed faces aren't seen so much, they sure should be, especially in the summer. Sunkissed faces are perfect for a nice, virtual glow. Not to mention: any makeup color will blend right in! It will make you look like you just came from a relaxing day at South Beach. So, let me show you a face that has been 'Sunkissed from the Sun'.

Eye Makeup: The good thing about, most of, xCRUNKIE's eyes are two things: they always look fantastic on, and they already have your eye-liner, eye shadow, AND mascara! That way you never have to keep searching for the makeup.

Blush: Blush should always be very subtle. Meaning: never buy it too dark, or too light, for that matter. You're always going to see which blush blends perfectly with your virtual head. So, just so you don't have to go looking for that perfect blush, Zycra's will complement your cheeks so much that you won't ever need to find another blush!

Lipstick/Lipgloss: I've always been into light pinks, but the natural, glossy browns are just fine, too! I am starting to turn that way, in real life, so why not on Whyville? They are perfect for beachy, natural looks. And the best thing about these lips are: Pinkhot6 included the lip-liner and the lip-stick!

What The Designers Are Wearing:


Headband: Lil Blue Headband - LAZZLO
Hair: Living Dead Beat - Unknown (Andreappd is wearing two of these hairs.)
Eyebrows: Brown Eyebrow - Babeeroxy (Andreappd is wearing two of these eyebrows.)
Eyes: XxShimmering SilverwearxX - Unknown
Blush: Oh It Is Love - Peachadee
Nose: Tan Nose - Unknown
Mouth: Sensitive Lips - MsLily
Shirt: Beside The Sea.... :] - Unknown
Decals: Much Love For This Shirt - Tfklover


Headband: Cute Black Headband - Lorigrl22
Bow: Black Satin Bow - XeriX
Hair1: Pesto Is Soo Good - Kfrorkim
Hair2: When You Turn Me Inside Out - Kfrorkim
Ear: Pearlzz - Unknown
Eyebrows: Eyebrows Dark Brown - MsLily
Eyes: If You Only Knew - MagicBox
Nose: A Better Nose- Kfrorkim?
Blush: Oh It Is Love - xCRUNKIE
Mouth: Vowel Movements - Lies
Shirt: Shh... - Unknown

In The Limelight:
* This is a new section that I have made specifically for the interviews of this edition's designers.
* There will be more questions throughout the summer, but let's just call this a 'preview'.
* There will, also, be more designers to interview next edition.

CupOfCake: When did you first start designing?
Andreappd: I'm not exactly sure . . . I guess a few months after I joined? But I wasn't very good then.
MagicBox: I think I started around the summer of 2006.

CupOfCake: What's your favorite part in Akbar's?
Andreappd: Hmm, that's hard. I'd have to say something that I made. Probably 'Andreappd Hot Pink Under Black'. It's a shirt that I made, inspired by one of my favorite shirts in real life.
MagicBox: I don't really have a favorite part, although I do love the hat called 'Hat', haha. It looks good with, pretty much, anything. It's not in Akbar's anymore, though.

CupOfCake: Who's your favorite designer in Akbar's?
Andreappd: These questions are so hard! Hah, umm . . . I think ItIsMary is an amazing designer, but I'm not sure if she's my favorite. Probably close to it, so I'll stick with her.
MagicBox: My favorite designer would have to be Kfrorkim, or LiEs. They both make pretty amazing hairs, and Kfrorkim's are really realistic.

CupOfCake: What's your favorite look to create?
Andreappd: Well, you could really take anything that I've made, and make it suit your style - with the right accessories, and all that jazz. But, a lot of my designs come off of things you would see at the mall. To be more specific: Charlotte Russe. So, I guess you could say my favorite look to create is whatever look you think Charlotte Russe fits into.
MagicBox: Hmmmmmm, I don't know. I guess . . . somewhat preppy looking? Haha.

Tiki Hut of the Week:
M a g i c - 'cheezus - MagicBox

If you're looking for beautiful eyes, cute hairs, or shirts that you can either extend or keep it short, then M a g i c, by MagicBox, is most definitely for you. Her prices are reasonable, and you'll definitely get your moneys worth! Whether you're trying to put together a preppy look, a rock look, or a unique look, you'll definitely find it at M a g i c. If you're not trying to make a look, why not pick up a 'Lozer' or 'Save The Planet' sign?

Prices Range From: 10-100
Style: Rock, Preppy, Somewhat Realistic
Gender: Mainly girls, unless guys want a little sign

Mia The Mannequin

Hair: Temptations - Ducky464 (Buy two of these hairs.)
Eyebrows: Not Too Arched - Covert87
Sunglasses: WICKED Emerald City - Shugalump
Eyes: Scrawled On The Walls - xCRUNKIE
Nose: Nose For Realisitic Sunroofer - Angel4678
Blush: Blush *Virtual Reality* - Granny321 (Buy two of these hairs.)
Mouth: Shiney Crayon No 1 - PinkHot6
Lei: Hello Hawaii - Kfrorkim
Shirt: Spaghetti Bender - OldTime

Mia's look is 'Ocean Breeze.'

Mark The Mannequin

Hair: Emuuu- Shyba. Eyebrows: Not Too Arched - Covert87
Eyes: Wishfully Dreaming - CiaoBella
Nose: Realstic Nose For Sunroofer - Angel4678
Mouth: That Kinda Day - MrBadBoy3
Shirt: Abercrombie & Fitch Guys Shirt - JediRUs


Fashion Notes: OK, like I said earlier, I apologize for Why-Vogue taking this long to renovate. Although more changes will be made throughout the weeks, I wanted to get this renovated as quick as possible, for your enjoyment. It's basically summer in Florida, so why not have Why-Vogue decked out in Summer goodies? Also, Why-Vogue will now be in the Times every other week. I've got a busy schedule this summer. So see you every other week!


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