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Continental Curiosity: South America

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Welcome to another edition of "Continental Curiosity". This week is all about South America. I don't like to do this, but there are no longer any interviews, but other things will be included. Instead, I know that people are always trying to get clams, so I will offer games that will not only earn you clams, but help you learn more things about the countries! Let's learn about South America!

Interesting Fact
Did you know?

Unless you already know, you probably wouldn't have guessed this! Brazil has the second largest Japanese population in the world, Japan being first. Quite interesting!

Did you know?

South America happens to be the fourth largest continent on the world. Estimated in 1991, the population was increasing way over 300 million. That is a big number! The continent is almost seven million square miles long, and is located on the southern and western hemispheres. Some of the independent countries are Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. There are 12 main countries of South America! By both area and population, Brazil is the largest country in South America. Main resources are gold, silver, and copper. South America also holds a big proportion of our wildlife today! On the topic of wildlife, let's move to the next section.

Did you know?

Once again, I am going to pick two to three animals, and describe their life and habitat. Let's begin with the, capybara. This rodent happens to be one of the largest in the world. They are semi-aquatic and range from two to three feet in length. Wow! The capybara weighs in at about 100 pounds. Today, the capybara likes to be in large groups, and inhabitants either the cold, damp regions, or the tropic regions. The next animal is the, leatherback turtle. Once again, this is the largest of most species of turtles. It is about 2.1 meters in length, and as a fun fact, the leatherback turtle has no visible shell. Cool! This sea turtle loves to swim in hot or warm waters. The leatherback turtle is normally found in the off coasts of South America, Madagascar, and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Now, let's move on to sports!

Did you know?

South America participates in many different types of sports. The major sports (popular ones), are soccer, basketball, and other athletic sports. Soccer happens to be the most famous sport of South America. Brazil and Argentina, which are big on sports as well, are also famous for field "soccer." Other sports popular among tourists and visitors are skiing, hiking, mountain biking (which are also named, the "minor sports"), and a lot of other water type sports. Now, let's move to the fun section!

Note: "Soccer" to them, is U.S football to us!

Unscramble Country Game

Unscramble the 15 countries of South America. (Yes, I know there are more than these, but I'm limiting it down to a few to make it not as long, thanks.) Congrats to the three winning people from last week, cohenlm, play2live, and nicolean9! Please, y-mail me for the prize, putting them in the BBS does not count.

1st place = 500 clams
2nd place = 300 clams
3rd place = 150 clams

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South America Pop Quiz

I hope you were reading good enough! This is a new section and will in the last one. It's a short answer quiz, five to six questions. Of course, you can always look back, but did you really read it to know without looking back? Y-mail your answers to iamtodd to receive your clams! Good luck!

1st place = 150 clams
2nd place = 100 clams
3rd place = 80 clams

1. Other than Japan, what has the largest Japanese population of the countries?
2. What is the largest country in South America, by both land and population?
3. What is the largest rodent that lives in South America?
4. What is South America's most popular sport?
5. Name three other minor sports of South America.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of "Continental Curiosity"! Sadly, our series is coming close to the end. We only have one continent left, and that is Antarctica. It's a pleasure for me to write all these for everyone to enjoy, and I thank everyone for reading them and for all your compliments and encouraging me all along. I would also like to thank Slurpee15 for all she has done. Don't forget to y-mail iamtodd about those prize winning clams! Good luck!

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