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The Age of Innocence

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Miss Happy-Go-Lucky, Cutie, Sweet Heart, and Daddy's Little Princess. These are just a few names my sister is called on a daily basis. For her, life is just a big ball of fun. Instead of having her world being black and white like normal people, she has it in the colors of the rainbow. I mean she has to be sad sometimes right?

My sister is a very happy child. I find her very optimistic. If smiles were people, she would be China. Yes, she is that happy. There is no stopping her. Even if she fails a test, she goes, "At least I learned from my mistakes and will do better next time." Oh come on . . . I would be going crazy if I failed a test.

She just has love for every living thing imaginable. Animals, plants, people, and yes, even bugs. If I am close to stepping on an ant, she stops me in my tracks and tells me to move. She is just a lovable person.

I am not the only person to take notice of this. My whole family does. However, they find her as the sweetest girl in the world. They say to me, "Why can't you be more like your sister?" I hear that probably once a day.

I wish I knew her secret. I really want to know. How can she get away with being that innocent, that sweet, that caring, that nice, and not have a care in the world? So, one day I asked her. Do you want me to tell you what she told me? Well, she says she has a secret. Just be positive. Life is not about being down in the dumps, but about being up in the clouds. Be nice and you will get that in return. Be loving and you will get love in return.

So, I thought about it. I thought really long and hard. If the whole world thought like my sister did, maybe the world would be a better place. Maybe all the fighting would stop. Life is too short to fight and act as though life is never-ending. I wish that everyone would just take my sister's advice.

She helped me look at life in a different way. She helped me change my life around. She did this by just saying a few words, but the truth is, those words mean so much to me and my family. One person can make a difference in this world, let alone billions. If everyone lived life by these few words of wisdom, the world can change. Trust me on this one. Are you ready to make this leap and accept this new age of innocence?


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