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Dazzling Designers

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Whats that I hear you say? You want to know a cheap affordable and great designer to buy parts off? Well guess what, that's exactly what I'm here to for! Ladies and gentlemen, flies and bees, fish and cows, dogs and cats, boys and girls, from America to Australia, from the Airfield to Akbar's where ever you're from and back again. Strap your belts, tighten your shoe lasses, it's time for the first edition of the new "Dazzling Designers".

Each week I will bring you a new Dazzling Designer and their parts. I will show some cheap ways to buy parts and still have a very creative look and give you some tips on face building. So without further ado welcome this week's Dazzling Designer . . . Peachadee!

Jank03: Well done peachadee, you're this week's Dazzling Designer.
Peachadee: Thanks, I am truly flattered.

Peachadee is one of Whyville's finest designers and she is also Whyville's Senator! Congratulations to her on that. Peachadee owns five stores. That's right FIVE! Wow, that mean lots of designs! Her stores are called:

SUPER SALE -- come in and enjoy up to 80 percent off select merchandise
Collaboration -- Creations by Lauren and Shant
Peachadee's Hair Boutique -- awesome hairs reasonable prices
Pot of Gold -- just over the rainbow
Peachadee's Closet -- Come in and look around :)

Also Peachadee's Super Sale store is reducing prices up to 80%! WOW.

Interview Time

Well I have a Whyvillian here to share her opinions on Peachadee's designs.

Jank03: Why did you choose Peachadee's hair? What attracted you to it?
XpinkX10: I chose it because it was different, and also it wasn't that much money.
Jank03: Do you like her designs? Why or why not?
XpinkX10: Yes, her designs are nice. I hope to see and buy some more, in the near future. Great work Peachadee, keep it up!

Here is XpinkX10 and her Peachadee hair 'super freak'

After closely studying peachadee's designs I came up with a suitable and cheap look for all occasions. All this under the price of 150 clams. This is Ms. Simplicity with her BARGAIN of a look, check it out!

(All of these parts are found in peachadees's stores)

So you're looking for a unique look, that's quick, easy and suitable. Well peachadee has covered all that in her selection of pre-made heads. This wide collection is full of creativity and booming with bargains. So why not go down to Akbar's today and purchase some of the many heads she has available! Here is some of her prestigious collection.

So, by now I hope you all itching to get down to Akbar's and try out some of these fantastic designs. But hold your horses! We still have a few more things to cover. Peachadee's stores range from lips, eyes, signs, hairs, shirts, some selected male parts, and accessories, but the list just goes on and on. So how about we have a look at a few other little designs that just might suit you.

Ok, well each week I will pick an outstanding part in each of the Dazzling Designers collection and show it to you all. Peachadee has created many great designs, but one design sticks out for me. The hair 'im yours' is an amazing piece of art. This hair is quite unique, and simple at the same time. I'm sure it's a sell out! But the hair is slightly dearer than others, as you could imagine, considering its such a fantastic piece. The price is currently 116 clams. Here it is . . .

So that about wraps up the first issue. Though there is one little thing I would like to treat the viewers to. Each week three lucky winners will receive the 'part of the week' absolutely free! All you have to do is answer the weekly question. Y-mail me the answer and you will have a shot at the prize. The winners will be notified via Y-mail and posted in next week's issue.

This week's question: How many rooms does Peachadee's house have?

Thanks everyone for reading, stay tuned next week for another Dazzling Designer!

g-g-g-g-g-g that's all FOLKS!

Author's Note: You can also y-mail me suggesting a dazzling designer which you want starred in an issue, thanks.


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