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Lopan, The Amazing Banana City Worker

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As me and Lorrenn prowled the foot court tables we stumbled upon a new CW, Lopan! As I asked Lopan some mindless questions, Lorrenn sat there and helped with nothing. But don't worry, she was a big help with this article *Cough* Not *Cough* Who said that!? Anyway, back to business . . .

Lopan, who was roaming around Whyville showing off his amazing City Worker powers, came to mine and Lorren's favorite Whyville hangout, the Food Court Tables!

I asked Lopan some questions because how often do you get to talk to a City Worker?! And for the Whyvillians' pleasure, I have for you Q. and A. about random things about Lopan.

KirsKooki: Are you a new CW to Whyville?
Lopan: Relatively new, yes.
KirsKooki: Do you get paid well?
Lopan: That would be between you and whoever hired you, but 42 billion isn't bad. (He says he makes 42 billion an hour).

Now time for the mindless questions . . .

KirsKooki: What is your favorite color?
Lopan: Blue, purple, and yellow.
KirsKooki: And finally, what type of beans do you eat?
Lopan: The tasty kind!

And that's all I could get out of him before he left to see other Whyvillians. By now you're asking yourself, looks like you're hogging the article, KirsKooki. I see no sign of Lorrenn in this article! Well all you ungrateful Whyvillians, Lorren helped by telling Lopan he was a fat banana. Nah I'm kidding she helped me a lot. But she did call Lopan a fat banana! Shame Shame Lorrenn.

Anyway, that concludes our article. Sorry if it was short, but we didn't have much information about Mr. Lopan. So if you see him around, tell him Lorrenn thinks he's a fat banana. And that he's full of potassium! Although I doubt you will, stay cool, drink milk, and live above the influence!

This has been Lorrenn and KirsKooki quoting Lopan, "Beans are tasty, I eat them to be a stronger banana. An unstoppable banana!"


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