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A Day In The Life Of A Whyville Animal

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I bet every one of you Whyvillians have seen some sort of a Whyville animal at one point or another. A dog, a cat, a fish and the occasional dinosaur (yes, I count them as animals). They wander around, adding some color to our little virtual community. The most common of the animals has got to be the cat and dog avatars we see. Anyone agree? Anyone? ANYONE? Yea, you with the coke, you agree, don't you? Well, how about we learn a bit of background for these furry little creatures, eh?

MOREBLOOD: Thank you for introducing me.
Karate221: Oh . . . sorry Marco . . .
MOREBLOOD: Yea yea yea. Let's just start.

Karate221: Ok, well, Whyville is full of different types of animals. They rang in type and color, and none is exactly alike. But the kind we see most often is the cat and dogs. As you can see, my own avatar is that of a green cat.
MOREBLOOD: I'd say you look like a white cat that's sick to her stomach . . .
Karate221: Oh shush Marco . . . it's not even your turn yet.
MOREBLOOD: *does talking hand movements behind Kell's head*

Karate221: Ignoring him...let's move on. About 95.9% of the cats on Whyville are part of an exclusive group known as the Clans. They label themselves as cat clanners and have four main ?clans?. I'm sure some of you nice citizens have read the Warrior books? Well, if you have, these Whyville cats are straight from the books. They live their virtual lives the way to cats in the books do, naming leaders, mentors, kittens, etc. I bet you are wondering about the other 5.1% of the cats, right? Yes, yes, I know you are. The other 5.1% are called (by those who chose the clan life style) kitty pets. They are the ones who chose not to be in clans, and take up virtual ?owners?. Of course, seeing how virtually territorial the other 95.1% of cats are, let's just say kitty pets and clanners do NOT get along . . .

MOREBLOOD: I'm waaaaiting.
Karate221: Fine, Marco. Go ahead. Cut me short.
MOREBLOOD: Thank you, Kelly!
Karate221: Yea yea.

MOREBLOOD: Along with the Clan community you see the dog avatars. They come in different shapes and sizes, big, small, pink, blue. Some of them call themselves dogs, others call themselves wolves. Even though some look the same, they are completely different. The smallest of the dog avatars you see will most likely be DOGS. Well, pups, to be exact. Some may be part of the self declared group that is taking an uprising called the Dog Army. The larger of the avatars (not the brown ones) are most likely to call themselves wolves, and are part of the already up rising Guardian Wolf Pack. I myself have an account that is in the GWP.

Karate221: Oh oh me too!
MOREBLOOD: You be quiet, you had your turn!
Karate221: Bleh.

MOREBLOOD: You would expect the Wolves and dogs to virtually fight, and the dogs and cats too. But it's odd how little it happens. Right Kells?
Karate221: Yuppers. Ok well, that's just about it to say. This is Karate221.
Karate221: Saying PEACE!

Authors' Note: Take into mind that the Clans, Pack, and Army are ALL copyrighted groups both by the leaders of them and the authors of the groups. So, please be kind, don't put us in a bind!


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