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Merry What???

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Merry What???

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Lately, I have started reading the Times. And I've really enjoyed the last five or six issues, but last week, well, some of the articles made me ask a few questions. A number of them involved the word Christmas. That really bugs me.

I mean, you look at all of the cultures and religions in the world, and you see that Whyville is a place to meet people you wouldn't meet otherwise because they live in other areas of the world. Okay great. So, what is Christmas?

Today's Christmas:

A way for stores to make money. Power companies make money off of Christmas lights. We take time to spend money on people's Christmas presents. We buy a tree that stays up for a while then comes down. Is that really Christmas?

My Christmas:

My family believes that it is the day that the Prince of Peace was born. And I believe that peace should reign over the world. That might be different this year because of the War on Terrorism.

Somebody else's CELEBRATION:

That's what I think Christmas is. What about people who don't celebrate Christmas? They're people, too. The menorah is used in the Jewish holiday at this time of year. And there are countless other holidays taking place. Because I live in Saskatchewan, a lot of people I know celebrate the Ukranian Christmas, which is a little bit different from the one I think most people are familiar with.

This is giggler01 signing off, and wishing you all Happy Holidays...



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