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Get Over It

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A while back in the news, a boy named Lawrence King was shot in the head because he was openly gay. At the time I was shocked that something like that could happen in school. Well, now I know better of how children act towards gay people.

Most children in my school pick on my friend, just because he told his good friends that he was gay. Somehow, someone told someone else and now the whole school knows and everyday at lunch and in halls, kids make fun of him. He's a nice person (well, when you get to know him), but he doesn't deserve this.

If those annoying children had made fun of him before I would be a BIT less concerned. But no one really made fun of him before (even though he did music, and somehow those kids are picked on more). No one really cared or laughed at him. But those brats (the guy ones) come up to him and ask if he likes them or thinks that they are attractive. Of course, he doesn't. He wasn't really my friend until one day, in our little group, he told my friend, but I heard. Now, somehow, we're better friends. And I try to stand by him and yell at the kids, too. How they treat him and act towards him annoys me. No. It doesn't annoy me. It angers me to such a degree I can't put it in words.

It's a hatred that's indescribable. He never hurt anyone. He never made fun of those kids. He was just a normal kid in class. It's not fair to treat him that way. It's just who he is. No one thought he was gay. They thought he was as straight as a line. But they can't suddenly change how they treat him, because there's probably twenty plus kids in my grade that are gay, too. So saying, "That's so gay," really annoys me and my best friend.

My other friend is also gay. He told less people, but knowing how everything spreads in my school, they'll all probably know soon unfortunately. Some people thought he was, but he never really told those people, so as of now it's better. I don't treat either of them differently. Well, now we stopped making gay jokes. (It made me cry after I thought through the years we made jokes about those boys dating this other boy, but we were seriously kidding. And we used to make inappropriate comments about how we thought some boys were gay. Well, we were never serious. But I apologized. It was the LEAST I could do. And we made my good friend stop saying "That's so gay".)

As me and my friend said after a sports practice when kids kept saying, no, teasing each other and saying, "You're my gay friend," my friend said this to me, "It would be so much better if everyone had a gay best friend." Well, I have two. But it would be better if everyone had a gay friend, a Jewish friend, etc. Now I am finding that as an insult kids say, "That's so Jewish," or "You're Jewish." (That's so stupid. Judaism is a religion, not an insult, smart people. And that's why I am starting to hate my whole school for mocking gays and Jewish people; I'm Jewish.)

Anyhow, I just wanted to show you how my school treats gays. (Some stand by him, of course). But most make fun of him everyday with reckless abandonment. Get a life, people. And stop making his a living heck.



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