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What's This? What's This?

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What's This? What's This?

Times Writer

Hey all, LiLbEaUt here, with winter Whyville. There's lots of cool new stuff. My main focus is on the Whyville Store.

Right now you can buy Why-Passes for loved ones as a present, whether it be birthday or Christmas. Soon, there will be games from other sites (not just Whyville games) and much, much more!

I interviewed a few people wondering what they know and think about this Whyville Store. Let's see what they have to say.

First Interview: Cuteguy13.

Me: Hey bro! Tell me what you know about the Whyville Store.
Cuteguy13: Hey! Theres not much things you can do there, yet. I know there are gonna be games soon. But I think there should be more options for buying things. Not just a Why-Pass thing for someone.
Me: Like what kind of stuff would you want to be able to buy?
Cuteguy13: Um... maybe contests with the games you have. Not so much actual buying stuff, but contests. Like, let's say you get a high score with these games to come and you win a Why-Pass for a month. Stuff like that.
Me: Hey that does sound pretty awesome. Anything else you would like to say about this Whyville Store?
Cuteguy13: There should be more information about it. All I heard was that there were games and Why-Passes to buy for people. They should explain it more ya know? That's basically it.
Me: LoL. Thanks.
Cuteguy13: Anytime, sis.

Second Interview: Athur.

Me: What do you know about the Whyville Store?
Athur: Whyville store? Huh?
Me: Ya know -- the store where you can buy Why-Passes for your friends and stuff...
Athur: No clue.
Me: Well, thanks anyways.
Athur: No problem.

Third Interview: Angulz.

Me: Hey! Tell me what you know about the Whyville Store.
Angulz: You can buy Why-Passes there for your friends. But I don't know where it is. I just read about it in the Times.
Me: Oh cool. I'm not really positive about it either. It just had its grand opening. Anything else you know?
Angulz: Yeah. There will be some awesome games there. Not from Whyville. But other places around the web. It'll be the happenin place since WASA.
Me: Um, ya. Thank a lot.
Angulz: Forget it.

Fourth Interview: Babyfishy

Me: Hey! I haven't seen you in a looong time. Tell me what you know about the Whyville store.
Babyfishy: It's a store where you buy Why-Passes.
Me: Ya. Pretty much, at least so far. Do you think paying regular money for Why-Passes at this store is fair?
Babyfishy: Uh..NO. It is so stupid. Why can't (since it's the holidays and all) it finally be clam based. Just this once I would like to be able to pay clams instead of actual money. Sure, I understand the fact that Whyville needs to buy more servers. But come on. City Hall needs some more holiday spirit.
Me: Well, you can't blame her fully. She still needs more money to pay for the servers. And besides, she's hoping WE have some holiday spirit ourselves.
Babyfishy: UGH! Fine! *She leaves*

And so ends the Winter Forum. Buy a Why-Pass today for a loved one. And get ready for some awesome games. They'll be coming soon!

Lilbeaut, and I'm out...



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