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What Did You Do?

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What Did You Do?

Guest Writer

I always thought everyone was equal. Everyone was no better or worse than another. But, as I grow older and perhaps wiser from experience, I have discovered that many treat their equals as inferiors. I hope this theory of mine to be proved wrong by the citizens of Whyville and citizens of the world.

Sometimes I catch myself wondering, what happened to the people who cared about others? Who treated everyone equally? Maybe we are all still those people inside. But if we all brought out that quality, perhaps this fear of each other which has settled upon us may disappear.

I cannot comprehend why we do this. Perhaps as the Christmas season draws nearer people everywhere will open their hearts. Until we do this I am afraid to say: there is no hope. We as the human race are responsible for the caring of our fellow man. We are supposed to give strength to friends, hope and love to our families. As I watch, I find many of us have forgotten our duty.

I also believe that there is no such thing as a bad person. The terrible man is a man with no soul. Everyone has a soul. Therefore it is truth that you must look beneath the surface. There is no telling what you may find. Many will find in life that to judge someone is to judge yourself. This means that as soon as you judge someone, you are judging yourself by not searching first.

Never let anyone tell you can't. Because you CAN. I may not be "wise beyond my years" but I have found this: if you think you can succeed, you will. As long as you believe in yourself it doesn't matter what anyone else says.

Lots of you may be thinking, "How cheesy is this?" Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and that may be yours. What you just read was mine. One opinion out of so many... But think about this: I wrote this. I did something about it. What did you do?

Trying to make a change,



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