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A Change

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A Change
Whyville Poet

When I was new,
I didn't know what to do.
I went to the playground,
and I could not believe what I had found.
I have found a new great website,
but sometimes when my mom finds out I'm on the net,
she gets a fright.
I told my mom, "Don't you see?
This is Whyville, the place to be,
I know it has live chat
and I know you're scared of that,
but please mom, don't you understand?
Haven't you had something you were looking for,
and then it came abound?"
My mom was still worried, but said to make me happy,
"All right, I guess, but let me check it out first,
and then you may go on it," she said in a burst.
Two years later, I tried to log in, but it said 'Sorry, too many Whyvillians are visiting right now!'
I was confused, for this one day was a change,
just a month later.
I said with a tremble,
"Why has Whyville changed, so fast and nimble?"
After a week or two I forgot about how the old Whyville was and looked,
now I just log in and check for my new friends in every nook.
Now, today, as I am writing this poem,
I say to myself, "This is a site never to forget and keep in my life for ever and ever."


I hope that you enjoyed this, I kinda just wrote this from scratch so I really hope you liked it! Whyville is busy right now, and I am trying to get in... this is xoxangel. Bye!



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