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We've Got Projectiles!

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We've Got Projectiles!
A new way to interact in Whyville

by Bigfoot Bill
Times Staff

I've been asked to announce the grand opening of the Ye Olde Projectile Shoppe, and I really can't be more excited about this!

You see, I personally think this is the coolest store yet in Whyville. If you visit the Projectile Shoppe, as I have, you'll see items such as smiles, frowns, winks, as well as other conventional projectiles such as snowballs, paintballs and water balloons.

You might scratch your head at that point, as I did, and wonder how we're supposed to use these things. I had no clue, but I bought a few winks and quite a load of snowballs anyway, and figured that I'd figure it out.

After quite a bit of experimentation, I discovered the trick! It turns out, that if I have a snowball, and I happen to see some hapless stranger walking around town, and I just happen to say, throw snowball so-and-so, one of my snowballs will sail across and hit my victim right in the face! Hah!! Hahaha!!!

After some more messing around, I discovered a second trick. You can throw a projectile even if you don't name a person. All you have to do is say at what angle, from 0 to 360, you want to aim it. For example, if you want to throw it to your right, say, throw snowball 0. If you want to throw it to your left, say, throw snowball 180.

Needless to say, I was DELIGHTED!

The Whyvillian who suffered a snowball in the face was equally surprised, but not quite as happy about it as I was. Luckily, I was able to throw him a wink and a smile (good thing I bought some of those!) as well, to let him know it was all in good fun.

All I had to say was throw wink so-and-so and throw smile so-and-so.

So there it is:

  1. Go visit the Ye Olde Projectile Shoppe at the Bazaar.
  2. Buy some projectiles.
  3. Make sure you remember the names of your projectiles.
  4. Talk your friends.
  5. Say, throw name-of-projectile name-of-friend.
    For example type throw snowball bigfoot and watch me get whitewashed.
  6. Or, say, throw name-of-projectile angle-in-degrees.
    For example type throw snowball 180 and watch your snowball fly left.

And let the games begin!!

For a Grand Opening Special, the Ye Olde Projectile Shoppe is even giving away free gifts with every purchase. So stock up today!

In the spirit of our friend Spazchick, this really is "all that and a bag of potato chips".

Me, getting ready to eat a snowball.


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