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We all know that it has been said forever, that blondes have more fun. While brunettes and redheads try to prove this fact wrong, everyone still believes blondes have more fun. How can this be proven? Why, with a "Seriously Funny Investigation" of course.

I am a natural brunette and I think that I have tons of fun in life. I most likely have more fun than most of the blondes in the world but I don't think the amount of fun you have can be exactly measured. So I have come up with a system.

It is true that some people may lie about how much fun they have. So I will use a questionnaire to decide where they fall on the fun-o-meter. The questions are as follows.

- What is your natural hair color?
1. Do you study a lot?
2. Do you go out on the weekends?
3. Do you ever do weekend homework before Sunday?
4. Do people ever look at you like you're crazy?
5. How many parties have you been to in the past month?
6. Do you laugh more than the average person?
7. Do you get in trouble for curfew or breaking other rules a lot?
8. Do you enjoy games such as chess and monopoly?
9. Do you often spend quality time with your parents or grandparents?
10. Do you enjoy reading or doing crossword puzzles in your free time?

I also decided I would survey 10 people from the hair colors of blonde, brunette, and redhead.

Each person would start at 0 on the fun-o-meter. For each question I decided what would make them go up on the fun-o-meter and what would make them go down. For example if they answered "yes" to question one they would go down one, if they answered "no", they would go up one. I made these guidelines for each question. I then rated each person that was interviewed on the fun-o-meter. After that I took the average score of each hair color.

Sadly, to my disbelief, brunettes have the least fun. Brunettes, you have ashamed me. I wasn't meant to be a brunette. Brunettes came in last with an average score of 1.5 on the fun-o-meter. Coming in second, with an average of 2.5 on the fun-o-meter were the redheads. And in first place, with an average score of 3.3, were the blondes. *sigh* All my years of not believing the saying was a lie. Blondes do indeed have more fun.

Well, thanks for reading. This has been yet another . . . Yes, Joah, I know, it is sad . . . so, so sad.

Author's Note: This article is not meant to offend anyone, so sorry if I did. I know not one hair color has more fun and I know just because you do things like read that doesn't mean you have less fun (I love to read xD).


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