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The Scion Stealing Ninja

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We left off right as the Scion Stealing Ninja . . . er Fredward . . . was driving away with the gang in his scion. He took them into his bedroom which was located in his secret lair, and by the way it's veryyy nicely decorated. He tied them up so tight he knew they would never get out. Or would they?

They thought they would never get out, well at least Shane, Christa and Zach thought that. But Morgan of course was prepared. The ninja had his nifty pocket protector as part of his disguise, remember? Well he had to act nerdy so nobody would suspect him, so he carried everything in his pocket. Including scissors. So while he was tying Morgan up, and not paying attention, Morgan quietly took the scissors out of his pocket.

She then cut them out of the ropes. And then they were all saved.

They then traveled out of Fredward's creepy bedroom and into his lair. There they found all of his creepy ninja plans.

And this is what it said.

OH EM GEE! This can not be happening! Oops sorry so back to my narrating. *deep narrator voice* Will the ninja go to the Scion Owners Event? Will he be able to take all of the scions? Will they get caught snooping in his lair? Find out in the next episode of "The Scion Stealing Ninja".


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