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Life has you stuck on that position, should I eat it or not. Or maybe on the verge of exploding from stress of homework and mean nasty old teachers. Where ever we go we face problems we can't run away from, but I have answers to some of the hard things in life. So you might want to get out a pen and paper, because this is very important.


I am always tired during the school year because I have so many things going on. I have no clue how to feel less tired and I end up getting so tired I get sick and have to stay home. Any ideas to make me feel less tired during the school year?


School is pooping you out, right? I know you just want to nap and wait for summer to come so you can just wake up late, have sleepovers, and just pretend school will never start again. Well, we can't fast forward like we can through creepy movies, so I have some great tips to get you sleeping and waking up feeling energized!

When lunch rolls around, you are so hungry! You just want to stuff your face with all the junk food from the cafeteria, well you are just asking for a big crash. Just remember to pack a snack in your backpack or a water bottle everyday so you won't think about eating too much at lunch and ask for a big crash in the middle of the day.

Is History class getting to you and you are starting to be tired? Well it may not be that you aren't sleeping well but that you body's circulation can make you drowsy even more than you are. So instead of just sitting there and waiting to fall asleep do a small stretch. I suggest pushing your arms out in front of you. This also helps if you arms hurt from writing to long.

Move your body people! Come on you don't have to run miles to wake up, all you have to do is walk up and down the stairs a few times or jog in place, try throwing a foam ball at the wall a few times. Do a few push ups or sit ups. You don't have to do a lot to wake your self up. If you are in school do the foot motions to your favorite dance under the desk. Just be careful you don't get caught bumping you legs into the desk!


I am just so tempted by food; I am trying to lose some weight to look fabulous in my bikini this summer. How can I substitute my junkie cravings for something healthy?


I am so glad you are thinking about your diet and health instead of forgetting that summer is coming and that you want to look good in your bikini. Your cravings can get in the way of your health and surely your bikini bod in progress. So I have given you some substitutions for your eating!

When you want some calorie consuming fries from McDonald's or a left over bag of chips from last night, pop some butter less popcorn and sprinkle Parmesan cheese over it. Can I get a yummy?

Don't go grabbing some ice cream and a blender to make a milkshake, and add gobs of chocolate syrup, try putting yogurt and fresh fruit in that blender to make a fresh fruit smoothie.

When you are out at the mall and pizza is the only thing that sounds good to you don't get piles of meat and extra topics on it, and eat 4 pieces. Try getting some veggies on it and drop the meat. You can even try a thin crust to make it even healthier!

So there are some substitutions for you to try. Just keep in mind a little junk isn't bad and you need some calories to burn because you don't want the gym membership to just go to waste. Remember to eat all of your food groups everyday! Go to mypyramid.gov to create your own pyramid by filling in some answers to a few questions then your meal plan.


Okay summer vacay is coming up and I don't have any sports to play is there activities that I can do that are fun that involve exercising? Like things I can do with my friends without us groaning of boredom?


Of course there is! I know this sounds crazy, but you are doing it without even knowing it! Go to the town pool or the one in your backyard, and have races from side to side or see who can touch the bottom and 8 feet or 10 feet. See who can do dead man swim the longest. Not everything is about being active but just stay in the pool and swim for 2 hours. Remember to learn the strokes before you go.

- Butterfly (Save this one for last it is very tiring)
- Breast stroke
- Crawl
- Sidestroke
- Doggie Paddle
- Freestyle

You can even consider taking a swim class. (You girls can crush on the lifeguard.)

Also you and your friend will love this one! Just stare each other in the eye. When someone laughs they loose. You may be wondering why the heck this does anything for you? Well laughing burns your unwanted calories. When you continue to laugh well you loose many calories so just laugh. Plus they say having a sense of humor adds 5 extra years to your life, or at least that's what my brother says.

Also, you guys can try letter boxing. Now I think you lost me at letter. Okay letter boxing is like a scavenger hunt in the woods or where ever people decide to leave these boxes. They set up a couple clues on the Internet and let people try to find them.

To go letter boxing you will need:

- A pen
- Ink
- A stamp
- Water
- A printed out copy of the clues
- A compass just in case
- A snack

To find out more about letter boxing go to their official website letterboxing.org. Please also keep in mind more letter boxes are found in the US and not many can be found in Canada. At the website it states where they are located (like what park) and the directions.

I hope this article helped you on your adventure to be healthy and to look better this summer.

I found much enjoyment writing this and would love to thank the following sources: GL magazine,letterboxing.org, The YMCA, and some note from health class.

If you have any questions or need anymore tips feel free to Y-mail me or post questions in BBS.



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