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Whyville Prom 2008: The Guide That Gets You Ready

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The Whyville Prom is right around that Whyville Corner, so who wants to be unprepared? That's why I've written this article, "Whyville Prom 2008: The Guide That Gets You Ready"! I caught up with Holiday50 for a quick interview to share her opinions on the Whyville Prom! Now let's see what she has to say about this promenade!

Cityskies: What do you think about the Whyville Prom?
Holiday50: I think it's an awesome idea. Whyville used to have proms a long time ago and I was really upset when they took proms away. Just like real life, it'll be fun to dress up and see how glamorous everyone can be.

Cityskies: What do you think Whyvillians will gain from the Why-Prom?
Holiday50: I think that by looking at others, Whyvillians will gain style tips and learn different ways of wearing face parts. They could also learn that it does not matter if we are Newbies or Oldbies; we can all be beautiful.

Cityskies: Do you think the Whyville Prom has any negative effects on the Whyvillians?
Holiday50: Yes, because I think it's encouraging online dating. In the real world, people usually go to proms with dates. I know that the couples on Whyville will do the same thing. That's the only real negative for me.

Cityskies: Do you have any tips for the Whyvillians going to the prom?
Holiday50: First of all, don't worry about whether other people like the way you look. If you think that you're glamorous/handsome, then that's all that matters. Also I'd say that you should try to be classy. That means don't wear green lips and a purple dress -- eeks! Lastly, have fun and try to reflect your personality through your outfit.

I mostly agree with Holiday50. Her opinions are very well thought out and reasonable! Here are some tips I've put together myself for all those Why-Promers!

1. Dress formally.I suggest wearing light colors but remember, the outfit you wear reflects you and your personality.

2. If you're going to the prom alone, that's ok! Try searching for someone who doesn't have a date and ask them to go with you as a friend. Then get your groove on when you get to the prom!

3. Have fun! No matter what happens, enjoy the promenade! Remember to get your boogie on!

Remember to check out the Promenade Parts at Akbar's Face Mall for some parts that are sure to catch some Why-eyes at the prom!

I'd also like to say thanks to Holiday50 for giving us some of her time to make this article. Thanks Jessica!

This has been Cityskies, searching for the top stories.


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