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Flawed Fashion: Prom Perfection

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On Thursday June 5th a special event is coming to Whyville -- Prom 2008! I am sure that you have noticed the large, colorful banner on the Welcome Page that advertises this occasion. What is that distant shriek you hear? It is ear piercing sound of thousands of female Whyvillians screeching and stampeding to Akbar's Face Mall!

Proms date back as early as the 1930s and 1940s, however historians suspect that they have been around since the 1800s. Proms were modeled after debutante balls which were attended by the rich, to introduce their daughters to society. This inspired middle class parents to create similar balls for their children as way of developing their social and etiquette skills. These proms were strictly for senior students at post-secondary schools. Worst of all, they were chaperoned -- eeks! In the 1890s, the name "prom" finally came into effect. The new name was derived from the word "promenade" which was the walking of guests at the beginning of debutante balls.

The proms that we are familiar with, are held at high schools. This came into affect in the early 1900s. At these proms, students arrived in their Sunday church clothes unlike the extravagant fashions we wear today. However, their bland proms soon changed when new technology emerged in the 1920s and 1930s. The high school prom was held at the end of the school year to honor graduating seniors. In 1950, the American economy was booming due to the end of WWII. Average Americans families were able to afford luxury items and teenagers soon began owning cars. The typical female teenager began paying more attention to herself and felt the need to outshine her classmates at this glamorous ball. In the 1980s teenage movies revolutionized prom and increased teenagers' needs to be perfect, as they wanted to imitate what they saw on the big screen.

This is how we have our modern prom, a night where dreams come true. These days we have stretched limousines, expensive dresses and dare I say it -- girls asking boys to the prom. Proms have even expanded to our virtual world which we call Whyville. However, one thing has remained the same. Teenage girls still strive to look perfect and flawless.

Instead of dressing up in fancy clothes, why not be spontaneous? These days, several proms have themes because themes are easier to dress for. Most of all, they are fun and make proms more memorable. Last week, I asked Whyvillians to ymail me original prom themes. Thank you to everyone who participated! You helped me tremendously and the readers will appreciate your efforts as well.

Here are your wonderful ideas put into action:

Another popular prom theme is "Hollywood." As you have noticed, there are several "Flawed Fashion" articles that show you how to look like your favorite celebrity. This is how you can access them:

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Don't worry, boys! You too can find awesome prom attire. Akbar's Face Mall has a temporary new category dedicated to the prom. This category is called "Promenade Parts" and carries some great prom items.

Remember, you are striving fabulous. Follow these tips to ensure perfection:

Tip 1: Stick With One Pick

Try to make your avatar look unified by sticking to one specific theme. For example, half "princess" and half "pirate" equals to one flawed face!

Tip 2: Follow Flawed Fashion Rules

Please try to avoid looking flawed. This is a respectable, cultured event where Whyvillians are to look their best. Let's face it -- flaws are not attractive and they never will be. Also, at prom no one is going to be looking at your outfit because they will only focus on the fact that your lip is half way down your neck. In case you missed my past articles or need clearance, the Flawed Fashion Rules are listed in the following articles:

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Whyville Prom
Thursday June 5th
3-6 PM Whyville Time

Now you are prom perfect! Though you are ready for our virtual prom, are you ready for your real life prom? Stay tuned to my upcoming article about proms in the real world.


Author's Note: Thanks to the following Whyvillians for ymailing me the ideas I used: play2live (topical/luau), RocktoRox (wedding), LilMadame (disco), LH1995XD (Hawaiian), roiroi (retro), XWhyDivaX (vintage), PPPiggg (Paris).

Sources: http://www.prettyforprom.com/prom-history.html


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