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Why-Pass Scams

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Why-Pass Scams
SwtChick dispels the clams rumors.

Investigative Reporter

SwtChick here... I have some very important news!

As many of us now know, Whyville can get a tad busy at times, so City Hall came up with... Why-Passes! I personally think they are a great idea, but that is just my preference. For those of you who can't buy them, I'm sorry. Maybe if you beg your parents... naw, just joshin' ya! ANYways, I am here to state that Why-Passes are sold for money -- not clams -- because if you love Whyville enough to want to come on often, and not wait, then you should buy one! Clams don't pay Whyville's bills, you know. But there is the odd occasion where your parents won't let you, eh? That is another sad story.

Also, there have been a number of petitions, from newbies and oldies, complaining that these Why-Passes are no good. Well, I think that just proves that you are not as devoted to Whyville as some of us other Whyvillians. And, if your parents won't let you buy one, I suggest you show them around Whyville and explain that it is a safe environment, and that you could possibly earn your Why-Pass from them somehow.

Now, back to my original storyline. While SOME of us Whyvillians think that these Why-passes SHOULD be in clams, others claim that they are GOING TO BE! Well, I hate to bust your bubble, or ruin your chances of getting a Whypass, but those rumors are FALSE. Yea, you heard me... FALSE! I have that straight from the Times Editor. (And they heard it straight from City Hall.) Now, that doesn't mean that you can't get a Whypass, it just means that you might have to sacrifice more to get one.

I hope that all these rumors are silenced and put to rest, because we should all be friends and quit complaining about Why-Passes. What is the use? Now, tell me that. If City Hall ever changes them into clams, it definitely isn't going to be right now. Be patient.

Thank you all for your time. I hope that I have cured any suspisions that you have had. If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns, Why-mail SwtChick or email City Hall (city-management\@whyville.net).

Yours truly,




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