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Relax, It's Just A Facelift

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Finally it's here. I'm happy about it, Whyville's new skin! It looks fresh and sleek, it finally matches the rest of Whyville. Of course you all noticed it when you logged on to Whyville a few days ago. You might have seen it before it came out. This time, it's here to stay.

But alas, not everyone is happy. Many people hate Whyville's new face. In fact, I have yet to come across one soul who actually admires it -- now that it's here. They say it's too bright and colorful. They are convinced that its only purpose is to attract toddlers and spawn seizures. The rounded corners are just too trendy, and the buttons, why'd they move the buttons? It all seems pointless, right? Surely the City Workers did this selfishly, for no reason other than to give their own eyes something new to look at.

Uhh, no. I'm sorry, but if that's you described above, you're wrong. Of course I can't tell you your opinion is false, but seriously people, wake up. All I've heard the past few days are people complaining about how unpleasant it is to log in to a slightly altered version of Whyville. I just can't take it anymore, I have to vent. So what if the look is changed? Think about it, if you're one of those super upset folks who can't stand the change, why is that? If you're one of my closer acquaintances, chances are you log on to Whyville once a day, collect your 100+ clam salary, look to see if there is anything new on the welcome page feed, and log out. That's all; maybe you stop by the Times BBS on Sunday nights, but your routine is far from complex beyond that point.

What reason have you to complain? You call yourself a veteran because you've been logging on each day for a few good years of your life, but do you actually contribute to Whyville? You don't ever do anything, as we've already clarified, so you're certainly not in any obligation to give your feedback, why are you upset? If you're a Newbie, what attachments do you have to anything?

I've heard people threaten to "quit" Whyville. I laugh because I know neither I nor these people have a chance of a clean cut from Whyville; quitting is a process. Some say this is just the breaking point; I say, breaking point from what? All these years you've done little to reflect the Whyville Way yet you still find it in your favor to complain? Granted, it's hard to let go of old memories. I miss the Whyville island that welcomed me, those before me miss the Octopus that welcomed them. The Toucan is rarely seen anymore, what a shame. But I don't think of it as a problem. I realize that Whyville has grown. It's not longer just a home-made learnatorium where everyone knows everyone. Since I've been here the population has increased from about 400,000 to nearly 4 million, how can I not expect that to result in change?

Those of you who still must refuse to face the fact that Whyville has a new color scheme, I have news for you: change happens. You can't stop it, especially when it's not yours to stop. So why do you keep trying? The CW's have every right to be tired of the original look, every right to change it too. After all, they made it for you didn't they? Free of charge, simply to promote your well being. They're not selfish, they're just trying to update things; what's the matter with that? Don't get me wrong, you still have the right to be upset, but to go as far as to report fake bugs to City Management just to complain? That is ridiculous. You're all ridiculous. You may think you're funny given the circumstances, but think again. Are you really the ones who are being disturbed by all of this? Have you even stopped to think that someone put a lot of hard work into creating the new design, and all you do is complain about how it slightly interrupted your life cycle? The buttons are in a slightly different place, the colors are slightly brighter, and the corners are slightly rounder. If that's enough to get you to quit Whyville, ask yourself, "Why were you ever here in the first place??

What is Whyville really about? I'm surprised at many of you. Don't you remember all the good times you had here? All the friends you made, all the face parts you played around with, all the fun you had? I always thought Deriko's idea of "The Whyville Way" was rather cheesy, we never really agreed, but now I think I'm starting to get it. There's more to Whyville than the aesthetics. You'd agree with me if I said there was more to Whyville than the clams, wouldn't you? How is the way it looks any different? You're not really Whyvillians if all you care about is the way it looks. You've had plenty of time to prepare for this; you all knew it was coming. Why can't you treat it like what it is, just another chop off the old block?



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