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Don't Turn Your Head

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Many of us do this whether if you're at the school and see an annoying neighbor, or don't want to help clean up after dinner. I went to Ashoka's Youth Venture and it inspired me to help find solutions in Whyville and real life. When you walk past some people picking up trash in your local park don't turn your head and walk the other way. I'm sure if you offer to help they would be glad, and afterwards you will feel better. You might think this article is short and corny, but it might help.

In communities there are problems that need to be solved. Kids are being reckless and smoking. There's litter on the side of the road. Also, poor people are living on the street or in their cars if they are lucky. People need to step up and stop ignoring these problems if they want a successful community. If your town or city looks bad, then you are considered lazy and dirty.

Whyville has come from a learning website, to arguing about avatars. It's just plain sad people! Everyone needs to stop worrying about themselves, and help others.

Ways to Help Your Community

1) Pick up trash around your neighborhood. It will make it prettier and much healthier.

2) Start some clubs or join some. Clubs are a great way to stop violence and encourages kids to work together and not fight. You could start a book club, or join a sports team.

3) Help a senior citizen by taking him/her shopping at the store.

4)Donate your old clothes, toys, or canned foods.

Last summer at camp we split in to groups and helped clean up our local cemetery. We picked up trash, dead flowers, and broken bottles.

Ideas to Help Whyville

1) Whyville should have a book club. Instead of fighting everyone can read the same book and talk about it. The Buzz Hive last summer was a big hit!

2) Stop fighting with each other. Whyville was made for you to learn, not bicker.

3) Donate once in a while. If you don't like new members being annoying, then donate a few clams to them and donate your old face parts to Grandmas.

Be creative and think of your own ideas to help communities. At 4 PM Why-Time come and check out the AYV meeting at the Greek Theater every Thursday. These meetings will help our ideas come true. They will have these meetings until the end of the summer! They have workshops, and the other day we worked in groups. It is really fun and can make your ideas and dreams real. We can all be change-makers.

Hope this gave you some inspiration.



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