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Abbreviations are a quite important thing in today's world. You need abbreviations when you're taking notes and need to shorten words. Abbreviations just make things faster. Does abbreviation even have an abbreviation? Because it sure needs one. Why does the word abbreviation mean to shorten a word when it's such a long word?

My personal opinion is, well, to show us how much we need abbreviations. It's showing you why we need to be able to shorten words because if we couldn't, our life would be carelessly wasted with writing down and typing out words as long as the word abbreviation. I'm probably right, but I guess I could still interview some people for their opinion.

Morgan612: Why do you think abbreviation is such a long word if it means to shorten a word?

Hugs201: So that when you write abbreviation you write more to compensate for every time you abbreviated a word.
Singel12: To confuse people.
Dartanian: Because people like to be ironic.
MzBlah: Maybe it's supposed to be ironic or something.
Play2live: The person who made the word abbreviation wanted to sound smart.

We;ve got quite a few different opinions. Hugs201 has quite a good opinion there. But I don't think people write down the word abbreviation very much. Although I've written like, 50 times in this article alone. Makers of words do like to be confusing . . . and ironic . . . and smart. Who knows? Maybe we're all right.

Or maybe we're all wrong. Maybe the inventor of the word was just like, 'Dude, we need a word that means shortening words so we don't get all confused and what not," and then he was trying to think of a good word only he couldn't think of any short ones so he just came up with abbreviation and there is no reason behind it. Did you ever think of that? Yeah, I know. It's a good thing I think of everything.

Well, thanks for reading. This has been another . . . HEY LOOK MY BREAKFAST IS HERE!


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