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Whyville Prom 2008

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As you all know, the first Prom to hit Whyville in a few years took over the Sportplatz last Thursday, June 5th, 2008. And what a prom it was! There were four rooms to choose from including the "Prom Party" room, which was a decorated Sportplatz, a "Whyville Theater" room which continuously showed videos about Whyville and played music, a special "Simon Says" room, and of course, the stage!

And what fun would a Prom be without royalty? Everyone voted for there favorites, and congratulations to iamtodd and Nerdishh, Prom King and Queen. There was so much fun, and some room for improvements for next year, so let's look at each room individually, some funny special features, and then the prom as a whole.

First off, the Prom Party!

This room is a dressy Sportplatz for the prom. This seemed to be the main room. You could dance, chat, and drink punch which must have been really carbonated based on the burps it made everyone have! This was the first room you saw upon entry to the prom. From here, you could move to the other three rooms. Even though there was no music in this room, it was still a lot of fun.

In case you didn't make it, here's a picture of the snazzy Sportzplatz!

Now, let's look at the stage area where Blama2 was hosting, or so it seemed.

In this room, you could hang out and chat, while looking at the Prom Royalty listed on the side to see who had the most votes! Otherwise, this room was fairly bland. In addition, it had a small maximum capacity, so not that many people could get in.

Here's a look inside:

Now we've voted for our favorite people and drank some punch, so let's have some fun! Simon Says here we go!

Now, granted, I haven't played Simon Says for a very long tine on Whyville, but the game really seemed to have had the bugs worked out of it. If it asked for a 5 letter work stating with S, you couldn't just say sssss like you used to, you actually had to say start or another actual word. I'm not sure if these improvements were previously made, but it really made a difference! Also, anyone who tried to get backed in was tossed out by the CW Mark! This made the game more enjoyable for all, along with the music.

All they could talk about was the prom (I wonder why?), except the one who sneezed!

Well, we've worked off all that extra sugar from the punch, so let's go watch some of Whyville's best (and weirdest) moments in the Whyville Theater!

Here, some music was played. You could chat and watch the videos, but couldn't move around. It was a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the prom.

Here's a picture of the theater playing one of its spectacular movies!

Now that we've toured the Prom, let's look at what some Whyvillians had to say about the prom.

Eric5675: How long were you at the prom?

Tamara646: I attended the prom for the whole three hours.
Xibcarolx: About two hours and 45 minutes. Almost the whole time.

Eric5675: What was your favorite activity at the prom?

Tamara646: My favorite prom activity was the theater, due to the fact that it was not as crowed as the rest of the other places.
Xibcarolx: My favorite activity was I would say when they announced the prom royalty. But I think each activity was fun and awesome.

Eric5675: Did you dress up, or were you casual?

Tamara646: I dressed up for prom. I thought that it was worth to look formal for.
Xibcarolx: I dressed up, but a lot of people didn't but it doesn't matter how they look.

Eric5675: If you could change anything, what would it be?

Tamara646: That the stage would not have been so full so that I could have seen the results of prom king and queen.
Xibcarolx: I think more music but more rooms because we needed more rooms for other Whyvillians but, I think the prom was awesome.

As you can see by these interviews, the prom was really fun and a positive experience for most. A few things here and there could be improved, but Whyville still did a great job putting it together.

I also thought there were great touches including the confetti, Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain projectiles scattered around the prom!

Here's a picture of the John McCain projectile:

To close, let's see what the King, Queen, and other Whyvillians wore to the prom.

Prom King - iamtodd - 90 Votes

Prom Queen - Nerdishh - 73 Votes

Myself, Eric5675

I hope you all enjoyed Whyville's Prom 2008. With a few improvements for 2009, it'll be great! See you all there!

Signing off, this is

Author's Note: I know I haven't written in a while. Hope you haven't forgotten about me!


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