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On Foot With Bigfoot Bill

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Into the great wide open A three-
dimensional view of Myville.

On Foot with Bigfoot Bill

So much to do, so little time. That's what you may say to yourself when you learn you can now walk through the streets of Myville. And that's why I, "Bigfoot" Bill, decided to share my recent adventure to that fair town, and how I made it out alive! If you'd like, you can read my story and re-enact it here.

by Bigfoot
Times Staff

From Whyville West, downtown Myville is just a click away, and that click lands you at the corner of the City Hall Square. The first thing I saw were the bright red arrows directly in my path. Now, in the jungles of Brazil, bright red can indicate danger, like poison dart frogs or coral snakes. However, since I'd come for adventure, I decided to risk clicking the arrows. As it turns out, I simply moved forward one step.

I soon determined that these arrows are the main way to travel in Myville. If you prefer, the arrows on your keypad will work just as well. Up takes you forward one step, down takes you backwards one step (you won't turn around), and left and right turn you to face another direction.

Walking towards the top of the map, I found that hitting (or clicking) the forward arrow key rapidly lets you "jump" past a stretch of road. Three clicks equals one block.

At first, it's very confusing when the screen blanks after you've clicked to turn, but you'll find that the wipe-out moves from one side to another; when you go forward, it will wipe out from the center. Walking backwards, of course, gives the reverse of going forward.

After travelling north for almost two blocks, I decided to turn around. As I did, I came to face one of the houses along the block, only to discover an encouraging "Go In!" icon replacing the forward arrow. Clicking it, I found information about the house and its owner (Mark). "Go In" will be very useful for getting to know my neighbors!

In order to get back from the information screen, click on the "Take a Walk" link. Using your back button on your browser will take you back to your original starting point.

My next thought was to go see how my house looks from this point of view, so I checked my map to see how far away it was. As a side note, I especially like how the map shows you where you are and what direction you're facing via the yellow dot and line. This helped me choose a nice scenic route in which to head on my trek home.

Starting from in front of Mark's house, I turned left, and then jumped down the road two steps. Turning left at the corner, I then took my time to look at each house behind, next to, and across the riverbank. I wish I had the time and space to tell you all about the amazing designs and incredible structures I saw everywhere!

As I took the bridge across the river, I experienced a momentary blindness; from what I've been told by an official spokesman of Myville, this is to be expected for a little while as things get worked out, and we need not be alarmed. Just use the red arrows to continue on past the blind spots.

Just past the bridge, I turned left and walked towards the bottom of the map. The houses immediately along the riverfront must be lovely in summer weather like we've been having! As for my house, it's near the far end of Myville. Look for the brown front window and the yellow chimney; that'll be it! "Go In" to my house and you'll see me, the guy with the big moustache.

Finally, after many discoveries and a few minor adventures, I arrived home. I think I'll let you take it from here---I've had enough walking for one day! These big feet of mine are pretty tired. And now that you know where I live, do come back and visit! Whatever you do, drop me a line and let me know where you've gone and what you've seen.

That's all there is from Bigfoot country. Have yourself an adventure out there!

In summary:
  1. Arrows can be clicked or the keyboard used to move.
  2. Left and right will turn you, but going backwards will not affect the direction you're facing.
  3. The screen blanks out when you turn, in the direction you're turning.
  4. One click down the road equals one-third of a block.
  5. The map shows you where you are and what direction you're facing via the yellow dot and line.
  6. You can find your house by using the Panoramic View link.
  7. "Go In" lets you see who owns the house you're looking at.
  8. "Take A Walk" lets you go back to where you were at just before clicking "Go In".
  9. Blind spots are to be expected for a little while longer.


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