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Christmas Traditions

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Christmas Traditions

Guest Writer

Hi, I am Flyboy26 and I wanted to know what people do for traditions during the Christmas season. What do people do on Christmas morning? When do they open gifts? Do they do anything special that we should do in Whyville?

I got some Whyvillians to answer some questions. First I asked MAKIE what she did for Christmas; she replied, "I usually sit around the fireplace on Christmas Eve with my family and tell Christmas stories. Then, on Christmas morning we get up really early and open gifts, then enjoy the beauty of our tree while the girls in our family cook breakfast. Then, after breakfast my brothers and sisters and I go outside and play in the snow (we live in Canada)."

Thank you, Makie, for your traditions of Christmas.

Also, I interviewed STARQUEEN. She said, "My family always goes caroling on Christmas Eve, and visits our neighbors with Christmas cheers. When we arrive home we drink hot cocoa and guess what we are receiving from each other's gifts. In the morning we all get up and see what jolly old Saint Nick brought us, then we open gifts. After breakfast we visit the homeless shelter and help those who have nothing by bringing them our toys and things we don't want anymore. For dinner we have turkey with mashed potatoes, with all of our cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents with us."

Thank you, StarQueen, that was lovely! and Merry Christmas to you.

So Whyvillians, do you think this gave you any ideas for YOUR Christmas? Giving to others clams, body parts or inviting others to your home for Christmas dinner in your home? Think about it -- Christmas will be back before you know it, so let's help our community get into the spirit.

This is Flyboy26 saying Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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