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The GenV Boutique

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Akbar has introduced a new department to his mall!

GenV Boutique, the latest addition to Akbar's Face Mall, is for face parts that make a difference, face parts that were created to promote change or help solve a problem in Whyville.

This special boutique is sponsored by Ashoka Youth Venture. Ashoka Youth Venture works together with kids to change their community and the world for the better. Students at many high schools and middle schools have received training from Youth Venture on how to run community projects.

Youth Venture is sponsoring GenV Boutique to let Whyvillians know that we all have the power to improve our community.

To become a changemaker, a part of the solution to a problem, browse through GenV for a face part that speaks to you, buy it, and wear it to help raise awareness. To be a GenV Boutique creator, attend an Ashoka Youth Venture discussion session on Thursdays at 4 pm WST between June 12 and August 28, 2008.

Special guests from Ashoka Youth Venture will be leading group discussions on how we can make change happen in our community. Once you've settled on a topic and a strategy, you'll be awarded a Face Voucher with which you can design a face part that can help your cause.

Check out some of these parts already available!

For now, browse the GenV Boutique for a cause that's close to your heart!


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