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Christmas Forum

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Christmas Forum
Citizens share their special holiday events.

Guest Writer

What does it really mean?

Hello fellow Whyvillians. Merry Christmas! I hope yours was great. But is it really the presents that make Christmas? People today are all BUYBUYBUY and SALE or 50% off and stuff. I have not yet seen a poster that says something like 'Remember its Jesus' birthday today' or anything. I hope we all can remember to be thankful at this time of year. I'm sure that you may think your Christmas wasn't really good, but think, the people in Afghanistan won't even get a real holiday this year, Christmas or otherwise, with the war and everything.

So remember, you have A LOT to be thankful for.


Guest Writer

These are my thoughts and a greeting for Christmas:

White, Fluffy, Soft and Cloudy

Here goes Whyville from green to white. As I ask myself hmmm... "What to get my dear old girl? A ring? Oh, I KNOW!" I said to myself, "I'll propose to her on Christmas night!" We'll get married and have a lovely time!!! So that's what I'll do!

And um?? oh, right, your Christmas greeting. Cover: Seasons Greetings! Inside: Best of wishes for you and yours. For Christmas and the coming year!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a very happy Whyvillian Night!
Love from BuLe


Times Writer

Hey!! It's time, yet again, for Christmas... err... the holidays!! It's my favorite time of year!! I just love picking out my Christmas tree... I mean... putting up decorations!! Ever had to do that? My point is, there's more at this time of the year than Christmas!

There are tons of religions with celebrations this time of year, including: Baha'i, Buddhism, Celticism, Christianity, HInduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Native Americans, Norse, Rastafarian, Sikhism, Stregherian, Voudon, Wiccan, and Zoroastrian. I got all this from earthcalendar.net/2001/religions2001.html, a great site!

So, how come Christianity is always emphasized the most?! I think the answer is simple: just a majority of the people in the word are Christians! But, I don't think it's fair how it IS emphasized in the first place!!


Guest Writer

Whyville's busy right now, so I was just reading the Times and I thought I would write a lil' something! Since everyone is talking about Christmas lately, I think I'll stick with that and tell you a lil' bit about my Christmas so far this year.

As soon as December 1st hit, the parties started! That night, my parents had a big party -- it was crazy! Everyone was over, and you had to run to dodge all the caterers! It's been non-stop since then. Christmas shopping, gift wrapping, EVERYTHING!

Some of you may be asking, why are you doing so much so soon? Well you see, on the 20th my mom, dad, my lil' brother and I are off to the Bahamas! I get to spend Christmas in the sun! I'm so excited!

Well, back to my story?? the next Saturday the 8th, we had another party!!! (My parents are real partyers, LoL). Then the next Saturday another one... it just didn't stop! Right now, as I'm writing this, my family is downstairs singing karaoke. Can you believe this madness?! This is how my family and Christmas are, though... jammed packed full of fun!

Try to spend as much time as possible with family throughout Christmas; it's the only way to be! You can always have so much fun with the people who are closest to you!

This is Sugrbabae, signing off to go sing with my family...

Merry Christmas, Bonne Noel, Happy Hanukah, or whatever else you guys celebrate! Have a good one!


Guest Writer

Dear citizens of Whyville,

I am writing this article to all of you who are tired of being mocked and laughed at. I only want to let you know I care for you all and I was once one of you. I was teased and called horrible words, and even though it was only on a computer screen, it still hurt my feelings because they were better looking than I was, and I thought that mattered. But I'm making a statement that whoever needs help -- clams, a friend (like me), or whatever -- just Y-mail me and I'll be very happy to help you out!!

punkie01, and have a Happy Holiday & New Year


Guest Writer

Hello, fellow Whyvillians. This is my first time writing for the Times. As most of you may or may not know our cold front finally arrived! I have been waiting all month for snow and now it's here. They have a holiday forest where you can design your Christmas tree ornaments and play the dreidel game. It seems to me that this is the new way of gambling in Whyville! LoL. Well here's what happened on the 15th when I signed on and went to Holiday Forest:

I saw snow everywhere and a whole bunch of excited people shouting ante and spin. I wondered what the heck is this? The old man in the corner told me to say ante to throw five clams in the pot and become part of the game. I said ante and sure enough five clams went into the pot and I was playing the game. I said spin a great number of times. I don't even remember how much I won or lost. But it was fun. I sometimes saw the pot reach up to 55 clams!!! I then clicked an open spot on a tree and designed my ornament.

Well for those of you who haven't checked out Whyville's newest attraction, you don't know what you're missing. Check out the holiday forest today. Well, thank you for taking the time to read my article.

Merry Christmas to all!!

This is ImADiva signing off... it's not working... there we go... signed off.


Guest Writer

This is cutigurl4 here. I love Christmas, you probably love it too. When you hear the word Christmas you think of the words: candy! Presents! Cookies! Toys! But that's not what Christmas is about. It's about family and friends, and giving, and loving people. That's what it's about. So please remember what I have just told you.

This is cutigurl4 signing off.....



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