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Dazzling Designers

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Hi, welcome to the third edition of "Dazzling Designers"! I have taken over from Jank03 and will bring you the Dazzling Designer each week instead of him. He would like to say this message,

"This is Jank03, I am sorry but I have resigned from the writer of "Dazzling Designers" due to a few things going on in my life. I am certain that our new writer will make my series an even bigger hit! I do apologize but I just can't continue the series. Thanks for reading and I hope you continue to read with our new writer."

Because I am now writing "Dazzling Designers", I am changing a few sections round and adding a few new ones. You will see the new layout as you read on. For instance, the competition is still there but I am changing the prize. Well, without further ado our Dazzling Designer this week is . . . Sakura479!

Sakura479 has been a citizen of Whyville since Wednesday April 4th, 2007 and has been a fantastic citizen of our virtual community. She owns two stores called Bluemoon and Pwned, which hold her fantastic designs.

I interviewed jeanpappa to find out what she thought about Sakura479's face parts.

Mandarule: Why do you like her designs?
Jeanpappa: Because they are cute and neat.
Mandarule: What is your favorite part by Sakura?
Jeanpappa: Sakura479.

Sakura479's parts can be classed as "simple with a touch of detail". Her parts suit many people because they can be put with parts by other designers and look fantastic, and they all look great with each other as well.

Also, the signs she has made are some of the best I have seen. Here are her three best ones.

Part of the Week

I chose this part because it is the only fan I have seen on Whyville. All the details in it are perfect.


The question this week is:

How many Scions does Sakura479 have?

The winners will be announced in next week's edition. Until then, thanks for reading.



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