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The Birthday Interview

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M birthday is next month, so I was in the mood to do a birthday interview! And since it's almost MY birthday I am answering the questions too. Here it is!

DDiva1996: When is your birthday?

lollie15: March 21.
choi4ever: My birthday is September 30th.
cforclare: My birthday is July 4th.
miley7311: My birthday is on February 13.
araya56: My birthday is July 8th.
lol123455: July 26.
danigrl23: My birthday is 3/9/97.
DDiva1996: 7/18/96

DDiva1996: What's your favorite part of birthdays?

lollie15: Getting to see my family and friends. And presents.
choi4ever: When I get to open presents, eat cakes, and see my family.
cforclare: The presents!
miley7311: My favorite part of birthdays is the feeling you get when people tell you "Happy birthday." araya56: My favorite part of birthdays are cake and presents!
lol123455: Parties!
danigrl23: Just seeing my friends and family and celebrating my birthday.
DDiva1996: Getting stuff like presents and then going shopping.

DDiva1996: What do you usually do for your birthday?

lollie15: Have a party or go where I want to get food from.
choi4ever: For my birthday I usually go out to eat with my relatives.
cforclare: I usually go to Knott's Soak City or have a house party with friends and family.
miley7311: I usually have school on my birthday, but I usually go on a special trip just for me.
araya56: I usually have two parties; one with my family and then I get have one with all my friends.
lol123455: Have a party and a sleepover!
danigrl23: Well with my family I stay home, have my favorite dinner and cake, and play a lot of games.
DDiva1996: Shop and get loads of presents.

DDiva1996: What are you doing this year for your birthday?

lollie15: I don't know.
choi4ever: I don't know what I'm doing this year for my birthday but I'll probably go out to eat with relatives, as usual.
cforclare: This year I am going to go to a lake with friends and family.
miley7311: Well I'll probably end up going to the city this year.
araya56: Um . . . I am going to have a party with my family, then me and all my friends will get to go to a amusement park
lol123455: A two day sleepover and a mini party.
danigrl23: I had a pool party with my friends.
DDiva1996: Shopping and open presents.

DDiva1996: What's the best thing you ever did for your birthday?

lollie15: Had a party at my house.
choi4ever: The best thing I ever did for my birthday was when a girl Tyli came over for my birthday. One thing that I always think is the best thing to do for my birthday is when I get to see my whole family.
cforclare: I put up the decorations myself.
miley7311: Probably going to SF, because its far away.
araya56: The best thing that I ever got to do for my birthday is going camping with all my friends.
lol123455: Pool party, then skating, then sleep over!
danigrl23: It was my first sleepover.
DDiva1996: Went shopping with my ex BFF.

DDiva1996: What's the worst thing you ever did on your birthday?

lollie15: I don't know, really.
choi4ever: I think every part of it was good and nothing was bad except that my cousin always gets attention.
cforclare: I tripped on my 6th birthday and my face was covered in cake.
miley7311: One time on my birthday and it was snowing so we had to stay home and we couldn't even pick up the cake.
araya56: The worst thing I ever did was . . . um . . . nothing.
lol123455: Nothing.
danigrl23: My worst birthday was in first grade and all the girls trashed my room!
DDiva1996: When I did nothing!

DDiva1996: What's the best birthday present you ever got?

lollie15: Gutair Hero 3
choi4ever: Everything.
cforclare: The best birthday gift was an iPod.
miley7311: My nintendo DS.
araya56: The best present I ever got was a iPod.
lol123455: A iHome for my iPod
danigrl23: All the CDs, Bratz, and stuff animals I have gotten, just saying I collect Bratz and stuffed animals.
DDiva1996: An iPod, but I'm getting a awesome cell phone this year and I'm sure it'll be the bet present ever.

DDiva1996: What's the worst birthday present you ever got?

lollie15: Nothing is really the worst but a different thing . . . a football.
choi4ever: I never had a worst birthday present.
cforclare: The worst would be a lunchbox from my sister. She really doesn't know me that well . . .
miley7311: A Barbie when I turned ten.
araya56: I don't have a worst present.
lol123455: A doll.
danigrl23: It was when I was 7 (my parents got it for me) and I really wanted a boy Barbie doll and I got it, but it was ugly.
DDiva1996: Bratz doll I got last year . . . I was eleven, way too old for that.

DDiva1996: Do you get a homemade cake or store bought?

lollie15: Both.
choi4ever: I get store bought cake.
cforclare: This is unusual but I spoil it . . . I make my own!!! I DO!
miley7311: Usually store bought.
araya56: We usually get a store bought cake.
lol123455: Store brought
danigrl23: Yes, my mom makes this really good cake called Rainbow Chip, it's really good!
DDiva1996: Store bought. I like picking out the design.

DDiva1996: Is there anything else you would like to say about birthdays?

lollie15: No, not really.
choi4ever: Nothing really, but just enjoy your birthday and make the best of it. This is the only time of year you get to celebrate a holiday that you made. Have fun and enjoy it. Also Happy Birthday to my bffl, Dog933.
cforclare: Well, I love my birthday! Independence Day!
miley7311: It doesn't matter where you are or what you do on your birthday. All that matters is that you are turning a new age and that you are one step closer to growing up.
araya56: I have nothing else to say about birthdays.
lol123455: They are fun.
danigrl23: Well I just love going to other people's sleepovers and really big parties.
DDiva1996: Nah!

That's all for now! Thanks! Ciao,


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