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Everything and Anything: Senate Race

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Authors' Note: These are our own opinions, so don't argue in the BBS.

Welcome to the first issue of E&A, "Everything and Anything"! Here you can talk about nearly whatever you want. It's your own personal talk show, like "Regis and Kelly". Together we will interview and discuss a certain topic. Since this is called E&A the topics are endless, ranging from exercise, food, Whyville, people, music, anything you like! We won't just interview people, no no, we do much more than that! Included in the article there's advice, news, and facts about whatever topic we are talking about.

In this article karma1013, and I(Gasohp) will be talking about the Whyville Senate Race. Whyville is booming with people advertising and supporting people. This is a big event which we of course have to cover as it goes along. We have two special guests that are here on E&A. Today, you can see two candidates' opinions on the Senate Race. We are very pleased to have candidate foofooh and play2live talking with us.

Gasohp's thoughts: Most of Whyville's population is the future, in my own opinion I think this is a way to learn about politics, in a fun way. You can't come up with crazy ideas or no one will vote for you. A president who wanted every one to go to war with penguins wouldn't get elected. Neither would a person who wanted impossible things to happen in a virtual town. People don't want that. I am sorry if you were planning to write that you were planning to go to war with penguins in your platform and I ruined you idea. I believe you should at least have been on Whyville for a year to be a real competitor. You would need to know about Whyville and have a good sense of what people like. I really don't think peachadee should run again, she has had her time, maybe there should be a limit on how many times you can win.

I will ask karma1013, your other host, what she thinks about the subject.

Gasohp: Do you think it's a good idea for Whyville to have a Senate Race?
karma1013: I think it is a great to put Whyvillians thoughts into action, by letting someone be a 'Senator' and attempt to make changes for them and their fellow Whyvillians.
Gasohp: Who do you think might win the Senate Race?
karma1013: Shant (foofooh) probably . . . maybe. Since, you see almost everyone wearing his signs.
Gasohp: Who are you planning to vote for?
karma1013: No one if I can help it. Most of my friends are running, which makes it too tough to decide. Or, anyone who has the best ideas.
Gasohp: Will you vote for some one before you read their platform?
karma1013: Of course not! I want to see who has the better platform before I go voting for them!

Now she will ask me some questions of her own.

karma1013: If you had to guess, what people would you say would make it to the three left?
Gasohp: Let's see, foofooh, play2live,and cohenlm. All three are pretty well known.
karma1013: Who would you rather like to see win the Senate Race if it was down to foofooh, peachadee, or play2live?
Gasohp: Let's see, that's hard, it's between foofooh and play2live. I will have to read their platforms before I decide though.
karma1013: If foofooh won, would you be happy?
Gasohp: He's one of the candidates I most like, so I would be happy if he was our Senator.
karma1013: Do you think most people would vote for someone just because they're well known, make good face parts, or are 'cool'?
Gasohp: Sadly, I believe some people will do that to be friends with 'Oldbies' or famous designers. People should vote for people based on their ideas to help Whyville.

If you want to run for Senator you must pay 500 clams and have been on Whyville for at least 90 days. About every three months there will be another chance for you to become Senator of Whyville. When the time comes you write your own platform convincing people to vote for you. You don't want to bribe them, but share your great ideas with them. All of the really known candidates have signs made to show your support. Visit the store Approved Campaign Signs owned by peachadee to buy a cheap sign.

Here's some news you might want to hear! Rumors are that you can submit your platforms sometime this month, so get ready. Peachadee is running for Senator again. Her quote seems to be "Keep Peach". Cohenlm was having second thoughts about still running for Senator. She wants to show Whyville that even if you're young you can accomplish great things. Play2live has a catchy saying,"Don't misgive vote play2live!" Also, play2live has a great winning dance (just because his dance is the best you've ever seen don't just jump up and vote for him!). For ooooopppp fans, he will be running on his account MrBush. Foofooh seems to have many people wearing his signs, but don't dismay fellow candidates, the race hasn't even started!

Poll: I asked 20 people who would they rather vote for, foofooh, play2live, peachadee, or cohenlm. (These are just some of the candidates, the none votes were either for other people or they didn't want to vote)

Foofooh: 4 play2live: 5 peachadee: 2 cohenlm:5 none:4

The poll says cohenlm and play2live are neck in neck. People say peachadee has had her chance, and some people don't want to vote for any of these candidates. Foofooh is really close!

Now for the next section of your very own talk show, we will ask our special guests some questions. Karma1013 and I will ask a candidate, foofooh, first.

Gasohp: Do you feel you have a good chance of winning?
foofooh: Yes, I do feel I have a very good chance in winning this race for Senator.
Gasohp: Do you think age plays a role in the race? Do you think people 12-16 year-olds have a better chance than younger or older people?
foofooh: Not at all. I am 15 and I don't see why a younger teen couldn't think of some good ideas, so no, I do not think age plays a roll in the race at all.
Gasohp: How do you feel about your fellow candidate, Cohenlm, threatening to quit?
foofooh: Well I don't think cohenlm wants to win Senator badly because she wouldn't quit if she really wanted it!

Now, let's hears play2live's opinions.

Gasohp: Who do you think is real competition?
play2live: If I had to choose the biggest competitor, I would have to say Foofooh or Cohenlm, they both have a lot of publicity.
Gasohp: Do you believe you have great ideas that will make you sure to be in the top three?
play2live: Oh definitely, I think of more every day.
Gasohp: Are you campaigning for the upcoming election?
play2live: Yes. I even made a couple signs, one for me and one for a fellow contender.

Advice: Please vote for people on their ideas, not their status. We know it's hard if your best friend is running and you don't think he/she has the best ideas. Don't promise anyone your vote, it could lead to some future problems. Read platforms before you vote! I recommend you think of some good ideas for your platform before if you decide to run. If you don't win this time every three months the Senate Elections should start up again. Have some pre-election speeches. Meet of with other contenders and have speeches in front of voters. Make you signs, and give free ones out for more publicity.

This has been the first issue of E&A, hoped you enjoyed it. In future issues we will have contests, more interviews, and more special guests.

-Your awesome hosts,
karma1013 and Gasohp


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