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The Art of Recycling

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Ever heard the phrase "one man's trash is another man's treasure"? Well, I'm about to show you just how much truth there is to that!

I'm asking you - that's right, you - to name any random object. In my next article, I'll show all the uses it can go to. For this week, I've chosen . . . *drumroll* . . . the candy wrapper!

Whether it's Hershey's, Russell Stover, or anything in between, there's a use for it! Just make sure that the wrappers you want to use are clean.

Frame or Money?

All you need is an old picture frame, some glue, and all the candy wrappers you can find. First put a light coat of glue on the back of the candy wrapper. Then stick the candy wrapper on your frame. Any parts of the wrapper that go past the edge of should be folded over to the back. Make sure that nothing's in the way of the area where you'll put your picture! Repeat these steps until you've made the entire border, then hang up your finished piece for the world to see!

Colorful Collage

Grab some glue, a piece of cardboard (or some kind of thick paper), and those candy wrappers! Spread a little glue on the back of each wrapper, then press them onto the cardboard. You can use a theme or make it completely random. When you're done, it'll look good enough to eat!

Decoration Celebration

Here's an extension of that last one - for those who want to take this to a new level! Make a collage of candy wrappers on an item. decorate an old shoebox, your notebooks, or anything else that has a smooth, hard surface. No, you cannot glue candy wrappers onto your friends' foreheads. You also can't glue them onto your sibling's glasses, no matter how funny it is to watch the results. Stick with paper-like material, and check with your parent or guardian beforehand. If you really want to be thorough, buy contact paper from your local craft store and put it over the finished piece, so that the wrappers don't peel off.

There you have it, folks! Next time, think twice before you throw something away. It might just come in handy. Please y-mail me with suggestions for next week's object!

Off to eat a Mr. Goodbar,

- Wicked777


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