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Christmas Time in Whyville

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Christmas Time in Whyville
Whyville Poet

At the Sportplatz I turned and said to my friend,
"WOW! The snow is here! Fun will never end!
We got out our skates and headed to the rink,
threw a pebble and it started to sink.
"The rink is not ready" I said to her nicely,
"Let's do something different."
"Okay!" she replied.
We ran all together and slid down the slide,
The slide was all slippery it was sure a fun ride!
We gathered our scarves, our mittens, our hats,
Heading to the Pool Party, you know, the place with the cats!
We laughed and we giggled as we through a few snowballs.
Then we brushed ourselves off and headed to the malls!
We shopped and we shopped till our money was gone.
Then we headed to my house and turned the stove on.
I got out the Hot chocolate and we all sat down,
around my little table that cost WAY more than just 1 clam.
We finished our drink and headed to the door,
"Bye!" I called as she headed for more.
More what, you ask?
More fun!
I cleaned up the mess, put my clothes in the wash.
Then I got in my P.J's -- they were Osh Kosh!
I turned off the light and got in to bed,
Under the covers I saw something red!
It was a present from my mom,
that she knew I would find!
I pulled it out and it was all in a bind!
Just for me, and maybe my pet rat.
I fell fast asleep with my gown and my new red cap,
I dreamed of those sugarplums that know danced on the mat.
I knew that tomorrow I would soon find,
the presents for me that would all be mine.



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