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Another Big Why-Pass Forum

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Another Big Why-Pass Forum
Citizens stand up for the Why-Pass.

Guest Writer

One day I tried to get into Whyville (I don't have a Why-Pass), but I couldn't get in. My friend had made a new account that she wanted me to help fix up, so I decided to try and get on that account. It worked, although mine wouldn't!

I went on there for a while, and then tried to get on my account again, but it wouldn't work. The next day Whyville was still too busy for my veteran account, but I went on as my friend's newbie's account and it worked! I tried this every day for a week, with the same result. Whyville would only let me on if I logged on a newbie account!!

I tried with another new account too. I was outraged! I have been on Whyville for quite a while now, I think about 5-8 months. I love it here, and come pretty much every day. In my opinion I don't think it's fair that newbies get in before oldies, although I can't consider myself an oldie, just older. I was wondering if City Hall could answer me why this is? I know that City Hall is very busy but I would like to know why newbies get in before anybody else? Thank you!

Editor's Note: It's true that brand-new citizens get in to Whyville right away -- but only for a week. City Management felt that newbies deserve a glimpse at what Whyville is like when you don't have to wait, so they can understand why they'd want to become full-time citizens. We understand your concern, but remember, you once had months and months of super fast access to Whyville, and these new citizens only get one week. Count your blessings, and hope for a great new year for all of us!


Guest Writer

A lot of things have been changing in Whyville lately. More and more people question the Why-Pass. Personally, I don't have enough money to buy a Why-Pass, but I'd absolutely love to get one when I can. I think the Why-Pass thing is a good idea.

You see, my dad makes websites for a living and it does cost a lot of money to create and maintain a website, especially if you get a lot of visitors that are active within the site, like Whyville. So for all you people complaining about the Passes, deal with it!

Think about it. If you made a website or something and it started out really small with few visitors, it wouldn't cost much, would it? I mean, you wouldn't have to expand anything or charge for anything because you weren't even using all of your allotted space.

Well, time goes on, word gets spread and your site becomes the hottest site on the net. You are probably going to need more workers to maintain the site, and more net space. So you take the time and money to expand. Well, then you are going to be out a few bucks. How could you earn that money back?

Exactly! Whyville is using the Why-Passes to earn back the money they spend trying to maintain a nice, clean, healthy site for YOU! Then do you know what they do with that money? They spend it, once again, on YOU.

So... STOP YOUR COMPLAINING! You should be thankful for the wonderful people who created this site for you!


Guest Writer

Hey, Whyville!! It's me, Smurfette! I know I haven't been on Whyville lately (9 weeks about). It's because my computer broke and when I came to Whyville I couldn't get in. I now realize that it was because I needed a Whyville pass, or what ever they are called.

I am sure you have had many stories on them, but I'd just like to state my opinion. You guys have to understand that Whyville isn't free... It cost money to have a website, especially when you are constantly being overcrowded and having to upgrade your whole system.

Anyway... if you don't want to pay to get in Whyville, then maybe you shouldn't come here. I know that sounds mean, and I don't want Whyville to lose people, but you are showing that you don't really care about Whyville.

You are just relying on City Hall to make everything perfect for you, all for free... well, life isn't that way, so get used to it. I understand if your parents don't want you to buy stuff off the Internet. Maybe you should educate them about Whyville. They will probably be surprised and let you pay. So don't give up hope!

As the saying goes: It's better to give than receive!!!


unknown author
Guest Writer

Dear citizens of Whyville,

With the new Why-Passes and stuff, I know it is hard to get on with out getting the feeling that too many citizens are on. When I am lucky to be able to get on I see that many people are saying how bored they are and stuff like that and it makes me a bit mad because there are people like me who would love to get on right now. When you say that you are bored or something I hope you remember this article about people like me who are not lucky enough to get a Pass.


Guest Writer

A lot of people have many different opinions on Why-Passes. Some of these bad, some of these good. My personal opinion is that they are great. I know you have to spend real money on them but hey, City Hall can't just go outside and pull money off her Money Tree. Nor can she wave her magick wand and make all these new changes to Whyville.

So basically what I'm saying is that Why-Passes shouldn't be a burden with our problems they should be a solution to them. As Spazchick said in her recent article "A Veteran's Mind", City Hall couldn't pay some of her employees for 7 months!!! If you cant understand that let me spell it out for you -- S E V E N M O N T H S !!!

Whyville might not be around forever at this rate. By trying, at least trying to get your parents to get you Why-Passes, it may help. Remember: only you can prevent forest fires! (Ooops, wrong phrase, lol.) Only you can help Whyville grow! (There we go.)


Guest Writer

Yo, Whyville, this is your favorite reporter, Kevz on (well, not exactly, hehe). Well anyway let's get to the point. I no that all u people are sending emails to the Times and petitions and stuff about why passes saying that they should be cheaper, should be paid his clams. Here's what I want to say:


It's probably annoying city hall and its annoying me! Whyville is trying to treat you for crying out loud! Leave City Hall alone -- it's expensive to run Whyville and they get their money from Why-Passes. To all you people who say pay for Passes with clams, I say: Real people can't pay for food and homes with clams!! It just cant happen!!

Sorry, Whyvillians, sorry.

So leave City Hall alone. This is kevz signin off.


Guest Writer

When I look at petitions in City Hall, I get upset. I just want to tell you guys about the Why-Pass. I know you don't like them, but just listen for a minute to what I have to say.

Why-passes help Whyville! City Hall isn't trying to make us mad! She just wants a better Whyville, with more games and places to chat! She can't just make them without money! She's just asking us a favor to donate some money.

When I hear people walking around Whyville, I see people complaining about them and getting mad at City Hall for nothing! And the same people who say that say they want new stuff and chatrooms! City Hall needs money to make them!

You guys need to understand. I have a Why-Pass, and am proud because I know I helped Whyville become a better place. I know some of you have parents who won't allow you to buy them, but if you care about Whyville, try harder! Show them how great Whyville is, and maybe even earn some cash doing extra chores!

If you don't at least want to do that, then I guess you don't care about Whyville.

If they STILL don't let you, you can still sometimes get on! So next time, realize that City Hall is just trying to make Whyville a better place for all of you! Don't scream and whine at City Hall for just asking a favor.

If you don't wanna pay, that's fine. I just wanted to get my opinion out, so I hope you understand now. Thanks for reading...



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