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I don't see why all "Whyvillian in the Spotlights" have to be nice.

I am truly getting sick of that word. Nice. Nice. Nice. Who cares? Anyone can be nice if they decided they wanted to. It's not to hard to be nice. I could name you dozens of "nice" people I know, right off the bat. But it is rare when you find someone with a unique personality. It's rare when you find someone so brutally honest, fun, and different.

I can't think of one person, in real life or online, who doesn't give a heck about what anyone thinks of him more than Chris. Love him? He doesn't care. Hate him? He doesn't care. He just is. He's just . . . Chris.

For the first time in a long time, I'm proposing that this "Whyvillian in the Spotlight" isn't just about someone "nice". It isn't about someone "sweet & funny, loves to write poetry, blahblahblahblahblah".

I assure I'm not the only one that is getting bored with these types of articles.

So why not change it up a bit? Let's make this WITS fun, cutting, edgy, and honest. Let's give it a flare. Let's make it Zodiac101.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm intimidated by Chris. I don't think anyone can help being intimidated by him. He's quick to strike back in an argument, he's not easily led on, he's powerful. I know that sounds like something out of a video game or fantasy novel. Powerful. You think of kings being powerful. Presidents being powerful. But if you met Chris, I think it's safe to say "powerful" is a fitting word to describe him.

Powerful, as in, he's been on Whyville since January 2004.
Powerful, as in, he's a y-mail helper.
We always seem to want to bring up salaries in WITS articles. I don't really see the point.
Just in case you were wondering, it's 128, people.

Why does Chris deserve this week's Whyvillian in the Spotlight?

Because he is an interesting person.
He's unique.
He's daring. He's wild and sarcastic and intelligent and fun.

Some would call him "nice". Others wouldn't. But he is sure a character. Not someone you'd easily forget.


Why does there have to be so many gimmicks? Why does there always have to a huge list of accomplishments?

Whyville doesn't consist of just "nice" people. Whyville isn't just the people who help Newbies and spend hours upon hours in the Newbie lounge or writing for the Times, yet it seems to be the only faces we know.

That's why I wrote this. I think there are some pretty amazing people out there who don't fit that certain "Whyvillian in the Spotlight" mold we've grown so accustomed to.

Thank you, Chris. For helping us break out of that mold. Thank you for showing Whyville and everyone who has met you quite an interesting time.


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