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Dazzling Designers

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Hey! Welcome to this week's "Dazzling Designers". First things first, I would like to say some important news about the competition. I find it hard to think of questions that will please everyone so this week's competition will require more effort . . . see the bottom of the page for details!

Also, I would like to tell everyone that I hate my inbox being clogged up with, "Hey, I know wut the answer is to your comp!" y-mails, so when you enter, please send your answers to my other account, Mandarul3. Any entries to my Mandarule account will automatically be disqualified.

It was amazing how many people got last editions question wrong. I counted very carefully, and the appropriate answer you should have given was 5. There were 5 colors in Vanilla Berry by Zyrca.

Anyway, the 3 winners, chosen at random, were as follows:


Without further ado, the Dazzling Designer of this week is . . .


Covert87 has visited Whyville on 1297 days since Saturday Jan 12, 2002. She owns a house, 10 scions and has a large salary of 112 clams! She owns a store with the clever name of 1stopPLACE2shop.

Covert87 is an amazing designer. Her parts prove great knowledge of the fashion of today! She makes a huge variety of quality parts and I especially like the lips she has created. I mean seriously, how could you not??


Another striking look! But the matching bow and shirt make this person look very classy.

Other Parts By Covert87

Everyone has different tastes in clothes, in real life and on Whyville. So here are some of her spectacular other parts!


I interviewed two fans of Covert87's parts.

Mandarule: Do you like her parts? Why or why not?

Snoopy177: I like her parts because they are gothic and look cool.
QUEEN1231: I do like her parts. I like the top "it never showed" - 30 clams. I find her parts very unique compared to other designers who make what other people make.

Mandarule: What is your favorite part by her?

Snoopy177: My favorite part about her is her hair because it is purple and wavy. Also it looks lushy.
QUEEN1231: It Never Showed - 30 clams.

Mandarule: What would you like to see her improve on?

Snoopy177: I would like to see her improve on her shirts.
QUEEN1231: I would buy her overalls IF they came with a shirt underneath. Now if you but them you need to buy another shirt to go underneath it. and it ends up costing you A LOT!

Mandarule: What kind of parts would you like to see her make in the future?

Snoopy177: Some cool wavy lushy black hair.
QUEEN1231: Heads - nicely shaped heads!

Part of the Week


This week, you have to y-mail me telling me all the names of Covert87's parts that have PINK in them. Every single one. The winner, as always, will receive the part of the week.

Have a nice day!


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