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Holiday Writing Contests

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Holiday Writing Contests

Guest Writer

Hey, this is cheer4eva. I'm here to tell about my Christmas morning and how it has been since I was little. Here goes...

On Christmas Eve we go to a Christmas pageant at our church. We stay for mass until about 8 pm. Then we come home and watch a Christmas movie and eat appetizers. During the movie my sister and I get to open one present that is already under the tree.

That night my sister sleeps in my room because we usually have some family over. We can hear our family dowstairs putting our presents under the tree. It takes us a long long long time to get to sleep, because we know that in the morning it will be Christ's birthday. Also, we will get a lot of presents =0) Anyway, finally we fall asleep at around 12:00.

We wake up a lot during the night, but finally it is 6:00am. That is the time we get up to open our presents. It is still dark outside.

We go downstairs and go to the family room where our stockings are. Our family sits around while we open the presents in our stockings. When we get finished with that, we go in the dining room where our tree is. We let our family open their presents first, and when that is done my sister and I open our presents!

When we are finished with that we try on the clothes or look at our gifts mostly the whole day. I call my friends to see what they got and tell them what I got. At around 3:00pm we our whole family has a BIG dinner with every kind of food you can imagine!!

Hoped you liked my story of my Christmas day! Y-mail me your story of your holiday to me and I will judge. Whoever wins will get 200 clams! I will announce the winner in the Times, hopefully around January 15. You can tell about Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas or any other thing you celebrate! Good Luck!

Y-mail cheer4eva


Guest Writer

Sp3shiaL here, but most Whyvillians know me as ToMMyGrL. Anyway, I just wanted to say I'm putting on a contest. It's called "What Christmas Means to Me", and you will get a prize. Just write a simple little essay and tell me what Christmas means to you. Please send it in A.S.A.P.

If Christmas means being with family, write that. If Christmas means presents write that. But please, write what Christmas really means to you, not something made up.

And I'm also having a "What Hanukkah Means to Me". Same thing, just write what it means to you. If you are of any other religion and celebrate a different way, please tell me and write an essay about that, I'm more than glad to learn of others.

But I cannot stress this enough, please write what Christmas or Hannuka or any thing else really means to you, not something that you've made up. I will be able to tell which were made up.

Please y-mail me at Sp3shiaL. Please participate in this contest! I will be posting the winners in the Times about a week or two after choosing them. I will also be posting their story unless they ask me not to, but I assure you I will ask permission before posting your stories.

If you are still reading this right now, I thank you... but if you're not, you're missing out on a chance to win a prize! I bid you a Merry Christmas, A Happy Hannuka or whatever else you may celebrate.

Going... going... gone.
Sp3shiaL a.k.a ToMMyGrL =D



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