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Cruelty Free: Mark.

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Have you seen the ads for mark in your Seventeen magazine? Or, hey, maybe you've seen an ad or two in the latest edition of Teen-Vogue. Or maybe, just maybe, you've seen their spokesperson, Lauren Conrad, sporting mark makeup on "The Hills". From wherever you've seen it, you've always been tempted to get it, and for their prices, why wouldn't you?

A little ordinary, yes. A little natural, yes. Still beautiful, definitely. Mark's looks are very subtle. Their hardly ever dramatic, meaning: if you like natural looks, with a tad bit of flare, this is most definitely the makeup line for you. It's very girly (but yet, isn't all makeup?), so they have colors ranging from soft pinks, to sheer reds, to lilac purple. But, the good thing about this line? The quality's good, it looks fantastic on, hardly takes any time, and they have something for everyone . . . literally!

Now, when I said that they have something for everyone, literally, I meant it. They have lip moisturizers (who doesn't want their lips moist?), on-the-go makeup kits (for all of you who have to get to work at 7 AM, and their work place doesn't advise dramatic makeup), and their hook-ups. Their hook-ups are great. You can choose anything from serums, to mascara, to eye-liner, to liquid eye shadow, to lip gloss, to lip-tinted moisturizers. These are for the girls that loves to look natural, loves to spend only a few minutes applying makeup, and loves that they can take it where ever.

Not only do they have great makeup, but they also have awesome smelling fragrances, body soaps, hair products, and their own skin care line - all of which will supply having great makeup, personal smell, hair, and skin. Their fragrances absolutely rock, and the best part about that is: a majority of their fragrance smells are provided in body soaps and lotions! Such as their 'Self-Sanctuary' line. Their Self-Sanctuary line contains these 5 scents: White Tea-Vanilla, Violet Berry, Honey Jasmine, Lemon Sugar (which is my, and Lauren Conrad's, favorite one), and Chocolate Orchid.

My favorite thing from mark? Hmm, I'm probably going to say their 'Beach Chic Tote Set'. I really like to buy gift sets, because you get the value of so many products for a cheap price. This gift set includes: a mark beach tote bag, mark sunglasses, bronzer, kiss therapy w/ SPF, and instant tanner. This is the absolute perfect gift set for any beach girl, which is exactly why it caught my eye. The only thing I don't like about this set is that the bronzer is pretty shimmery, but other than that it's great! Also, you have the choice to get it in Light/Medium or Medium/Dark (which is for the self-tanner).

Putting on some Coral Kiss Therapy,


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