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Cruelty Free Countries

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Animal testing. It's a gruesome subject, eh? And we both know we all would like to help this cause, because we feel that the animals can't speak for themselves, so we should be their voices. It also incorporates cosmetics which we LOVE (DAWMU and "Why-Vogue", remember?), into something that can actually help ourselves and the poor monkeys, dogs, and mice being tortured in these so-called laboratories. Well, we made a difference for the animals, and for the humans. Read on to find out how we did it, and how you can help.

DAWMUgal's mission:

I went to my local library and conducted the following survey:

1. Are you aware of testing cosmetics and skin care products on animals?
Yes, somewhat, or no.
2. Do you think testing cosmetics and skin care products on animals is wrong?
Yes, somewhat, or no.
3. What could a normal person do to stop the beauty and skin care industry to stop testing on animals?
4. What beauty and skin care products do you use?
5. Would you be willing to lead a cruelty-free life?
Yes, somewhat, or no.

I surveyed 57 people and then I put all of my data into pie charts. Sadly, I don't have the data with me anymore (stupid delete button!). But luckily, I did print out some copies for Proctor & Gamble (more on that later). I sent a letter and the pie charts to them, and you can send them letters, too. Later on, I will give you those addresses.

Some of DAWMUgal and CupofCake's favorite cruelty-free cosmetics:

- We like Urban Decay quite a lot. It gives me funky colors to choose from and it reminds me that I can make a statement about who I am through make-up. Learn more about Urban Decay in an article by CupofCake: article ID 9043.

-Burt's Bees is an organic lip care product that has been extremely effective for me, DAWMUgal. Burt's bees comes in many shades, and they give your lips a cleansing minty fresh feel without it hurting.

-Wet 'n Wild is a cosmetic company that doesn't test on animals, yet it's pretty cheap. Wet 'n Wild is also like Urban Decay, and I, DAWMUgal stock up on their kohl eyeliners and pots of lip balm. It's a very good quality cosmetic, for a cheap-o price, and that's what makes it awesome.

- Dermalogica is a skin care AND cosmetic manufacturer. We both really like their zit cream and I also like their bronzer. Both of which make any skin look healthier.

- Revlon is also one of our favorites. They are a lot like Covergirl, but more unique and they realize when enough sparkle is enough sparkle. Perfect for a job interview or just hanging out at the mall.

Some of DAWMUgal and CupofCake's most wanted cruelty cosmetics:

- L'oreal? More like L'oser! DAWMUgal once tried their cosmetics, and it made her skin break out like crazy! YUCK! Also, their cosmetics are pretty expensive for their knock-off quality.

- Covergirl is not really all they say. Sure, it's cheap, but it looks exactly like the Hannah Montana "real" cosmetics on the other side of the shelf. That's right, too much sparkle, not enough shine.

- Clairol hair care is not what it seems. I once did a temporary dye (25 washes) in one shade lighter than my hair. It turned fire-truck red. That happened in march. Now it's July. The dye is still there. 'nuf said.

- Olay also isn't very nice to my skin either. It made my skin turn just as red as my hair did and then they wouldn't give me back my money. Grrrr . . ..

DAWMUgal and CupofCake's most HATED cruelty cosmetic company:

Proctor & Gamble

You may be using products tested on animals, and you may not know it. Three of those products that I said were most wanted above are included in the Proctor & Gamble company. Here is a list of some products tested on animals.

- Febreze air fresheners
- Secret deodorant
- Charmin toilet paper
- Duracell batteries
- Olay soap
- Covergirl cosmetics
- Aussie shampoo
- Clairol hair color
- Swiffer dusters
- Bounty paper towels
- Crest and Oral-B toothcare
- Iams pet food
- Gillette shaving products

and let's not forget these foods . . .

- Pringles chips
- Folger's coffee

What you can do:

Write complaints to Procter & Gamble! Here are the addresses where you can reach them.

Proctor & Gamble
Mr A.G. Laffley
Chairman & CEO
Procter & Gamble
One Procter & Gamble Plaza
Cincinnatti, OH 45202

Well, that about wraps it up for this article. Hope you are more aware that you can make a difference!

This has been DAWMUgal and CupofCake, going off to- OMG awww a cute puppy!

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