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The Citizens of Whyville and What They Think

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The Citizens of Whyville and What They Think

by Spazchick
Guest Columnist

All you Whyvillians think you know each other, but are you sure? I've been busy lately, interviewing some of them, to see what they think of Whyville, and a little about them.

First, I interviewed Cubone13. She's a real Texan, born in Dallas, Texas. She pretty much knows Whyville inside and out, because she's been here for almost two months!

"I love everything about Whyville, except I wish all the bad language could be filtered!" she says. Don't you hate that? Her favorite place to hang out is the Sun Spot and Whyville Square, because "it's just fun to hang out there". I agree, Cubone!

My next "victim' was Sunnyday. She loves Whyville (and sports), and already knows a lot about it, even though she's slightly new.

"Whyville is so fun, and I like everything about it!" she says, "But I don't like the bad writings submitted at the BBS, they should be taken off!" She doesn't have a favorite place in Whyville, there's too many fun things there! "The only think I don't really like is the Illusion House. It's ok, but it can be kind of weird sometimes."

Just like anything! She shared some of her suggestions with me, and they were good! She thinks there should be more places to go to, such as a mall, with different stores, other than the bazaar. She believes every Whyvillian should have a "clam salary". I, for one, don't have that many clams, maybe 3! (I've heard that lots of people agree with us.)

The next citizen I interviewed was Blizzard. Just like Sunnyday, she's fairly new to Whyville (3 weeks), but she knows where everything in the town is, and she wants more clams! (Doesn't everyone?)

Her likes of Whyville are talking or chatting with people at places like the Sun Spot, the pool, and the Spin Lab Chat. Blizzard also complained that she's being warned for no reason. Blizzard shared some great ideas with me. She thinks a good idea to add to Whyville is having pets and cars! Don't you agree? (I think it's a great idea!)

When she's not at Whyville, Blizzard is playing sports with her friends.

You've all seen the killer articles written by Vanilla, but what is she really like? Well, first of all, she LOVES hockey! "I also enjoy roller blading, hanging out with friends, piano, and taking modeling classes." (Even I didn't know that!)

She's a good friend, and she's a good student! Her real name is Alex, and even though she's pretty new to Whyville, she knows almost (yes, ALMOST) as much as me about it. She got me into writing articles, so I guess we're even, since I introduced her to Whyville.

Her house is all that and a bag of potato chips -- and I think it's the best one there is! Unlike everyone else, she doesn't have to worry about clams, she writes these awesome articles! She loves how everyone in Whyville has a different face, and how we all get to choose one. One thing she dislikes is how Dr. Leila is never at Whyville!

"If I could change anything," she says, "I would change Whyville salaries and make them higher." She thinks clams are a good idea, but also thinks all Whyvillians should get more of them, and maybe they should have a different name, such as Whys. As for earning them, she thinks you should have to do something to get them, but get more for the things we do. Along with Blizzard, she believes pets would be so cute to have in your house.

Well, that's all for now, folks. If you want to be interviewed or know more about these people, chat with them, and send me some mail. I LOVE MAIL! Hehe, I got kind of carried away there.

Well, this is Spazchick, finishing up. Until next time, I'm going to be working on more interviews, getting to know more about the citizens here, and finding out what Whyvillians REALLY think is "all that and a bag of potato chips".

Thanks for listening!


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